Quilt Pattern – A Completed Project!!

quilt design 21june2015Quilt Pattern by Loretta Spears — Completed

I just put in the last stitches on Quilt Pattern!!

It is definitely time to move on to something that does not have threads that need to be laid in.

I love being able to think about — what will be next?  another UFO? a new start? cross stitch? needlepoint? quilt?

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2 Responses to Quilt Pattern – A Completed Project!!

  1. Sharon says:

    I really enjoy your blog. This piece is soooo gorgeous. I’m not totally obsessed with it and I desperately want to stitch it! You can’t image how upset I was to read that her pieces are no longer being produced and are very hard to find. You did an amazing job with this piece and while I’m glad you shared it, I kind of wish I hadn’t seen these posts because I can’t stitch it myself!

    • janicelynn says:

      I’m glad to know that you like my blog! I’m sorry to say that I doubt you will ever find this pattern – I don’t think Loretta ever finished her piece — but you can often find her kits and patterns on eBay, etsy or the stash unload Facebook pages.

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