Stitch, Stitch and Stitch….

Things are improving with my shoulder. Now to keep that going in the right direction.

It seems that my shoulder happy place is with cross stitch. Knitting is still a challenge, needlepoint is ok but cross stitch is good.

I have been working on this cute piece…

This is Christmas Cookies by Mary Garry’s Sewing Cabin. Stitching is on 40 count linen, one over two with dmc 221.

My stitching time is currently limited, I am stitching for about 10-15 minutes then I break for a minimum of one hour.

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New Year, New Projects…

For the first time ever, a post that I made has gone missing. If it seems I am repeating myself then I probably am.

I hope this will be a year with some crafty time.  My right shoulder surgery is healing. The rotator cuff repair is great, the bicep repair not so much.  It was irritated by over use, pushing to hard at physical therapy both in the studio and at home.  I have been trying to hold back and every time I think I am doing well, I seem to do “something” that totally makes it mad.  The left shoulder repair will probably be in early February.  I will be a mess for a couple of weeks, but if the left rotator is ok (as it appears on the mri) I could be in fairly good shape by summer.

Since I am unable to craft, I keep watching all of the fun projects that others are working on and continue to be inspired.  That means a project list for 2019!!

The top 2019 projects are:

1. Make a child/baby quilt for our newest niece, Lulu.
2. Sew one set of Bucilla felt Christmas ornaments. (and maybe a stocking)
3. Finish the small knit throw started last year with Mandela yarn.
4. Make progress on my needlepoint elephant by TS.
5. Start the creation series of needlepoint projects by Ehrman.
6. Work on small cross stitch project finishing.
7. Kit and start either, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings  (or other HRH sampler that calls to me) OR And They Sinned by Examplar Dames

I have high hopes!!

I hope the new year is happy and healthy for all.  Thank you for looking at my blog!


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Knitting Washclothes

This wonderful washcloth is being knit by my daughter – her first! The pattern is a corner to corner called “the no holes knit washcloth” by Beverley at The Make Your Own Zone and you can find the pattern here. The pattern uses a reverse yarn over to create a nice variation of the classic pattern.

Her stitching is lovely and the washcloth is super soft since she is using Bamboo Soft yarn by Rowan, unfortunately it has been discontinued.

Looking forward to giving this pattern a try!

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Moisturizers for Stitching

Winter is coming and that always means much drier skin. For stitchers and knitters dry skin can cause threads to snag – especially silks and synthetics.  For quilters handling fabrics causes dry hands to be even drier.

For needleworkers it is always a good idea to pay attention to your choice of moisturizer.  I want a moisturizer to feel like I have nothing on my hands and I prefer it to be unscented.  As a needleworker it is important to know that my lotion is not going to damage my work.  Unless the lotion (or cream) has been tested there is absolutely no way to know if one (or more) of the ingredients will cause the dyes to release and bleed.  Also, it is important to know that the moisturizer will not stain fabric or thread.

My “favorite” stitching lotion is actually a rotation of a few products.

  • Stitchers Lotion has been available for several years and is carried in most needlework shops and online.  I keep the small one in my stitching bag and the bigger one in my stitching room.  The unscented is really unscented!!

    stitchers lotion                  Stitchers Lotion from Yarn Tree – photo from Yarn Tree website

  • LaviShea Lotion Bar has also been around for a while, I have bought these at my needlework store and amazon. I like this since I can’t spill.  I tend to use this when I am quilting.

    lavishea bar                        LaviShea Unscented Lotion Bar – photo from LaviShea website

  • Au ver a soie hand cream is from the maker of the lovely silks from France.  I have not been able to find this recently and am not sure it is still available.  If you are lucky enough to find some, buy it.
    au ver a soie                             Au Ver A Soie hand cream – photo from this website
  • Acid Mantle hand cream from Doak Pharmaceuticals – this product has evolved over the years (aka A-Mantle).  I do not know if this amazing cream is still available because the current price of this jar is ridiculous ($599.95 with free shipping as of 11/18/18). My last purchase was about $30 for a 4 oz jar.

    acid mantel                                      Acid Mantle Cream – photo from amazon


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Lotion For The Softest Hands Ever

It is safe to say that I have tried dozens of lotions over the years. I am very particular about what I use, my sensitivity to scents means finding a lotion I like is a tough task.

My latest find is fabulous!! I was at Natural Grocers and they have a display for Nova Scotia Fishermen, I bought a small bag called the Stem to Stern Pack, it has travel size products that include: lotion, rescue balm, soap and lip balm.

novia scotia fisherman packThe photo is from Nova Scotia Fisherman.  I don’t know if you can pick and choose the products on the website but at my local store the packs had variety – all had the same lotion and rescue balm but the soap and lip balm varied. My pack had the Sea Kelp lotion, Rescue Balm, Fishermint lip balm, and Seabuckthorn and Shea soap.

I started using the lotion at night and noticed a difference right away.  It is truly remarkable how much I like this and even though it has a scent it is pleasant and not strong… not floral, not fruity.  The rescue balm smells a little medicinal but the scent does not hang on and it has be come my “secret sauce” at work.  I work in the medical field and use biometric finger prints to track activities and secure access in our system.  It was a daily struggle to get the system to recognize my fingerprint until now.

The lotion is on my nightstand, the rescue balm is in my lab coat, the soap is by my sink and the lip balm in in my pack that goes everywhere with me.  I am thrilled with these products!

Next time… lotions to use when you are stitching or crafting.

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More Halloween ….

I almost forgot about these small quilts. I put them out this morning – so cute!

This is a Thimbleberries project that I made a few years ago. And…

This is a paper pieced project from years gone by.

More later..

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Halloween Decorating Fun

I am happy to have my Halloween decorations up!

This is in our great room – small but sweet. The jack-o-lantern is almost as old as me.. as in vintage! My mom made it when I was in either elementary or middle school… after years of use the electric gave up and I have not been able to find a fixture that will fit. I have been lighting it using a battery candle but really want to find a plug in replacement. I will check to see what the craft stores have this year. I may need to be more creative in my thinking.

The cobweb throw is a crochet project from last year.

My super cute Kleenex house.

The only piece I have finished from the Mosey ‘n Me Thanksgiving series.

A couple of cute accents.

Fun votive holders from Yankee Candle.

My sad shoulders have been super sad this week so no crafting.

Ohhh… and next week I will share my new quilty goodies!

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Just Cross Stitch 2018 Ornament Issue

The Just Cross Stitch 2018 Special Holiday Issue – Christmas Ornaments is out and available where you like to shop. I picked up my copy last week and, as always, I’m inspired.

I need more stitch time – at least I have some. But I really want unlimited time – totally unrealistic!!

So… as I browse the ornament issue, in addition to being inspired I am also surprised. Maybe I just never noticed before (I will be looking at older issues) but … I am surprised and frankly stunned at the quality of the finishing of the ornaments that are included.

I am constantly talking about spending time to learn how to do ornament finishing. My finishing is acceptable but it could definitely look more professional if I spent some time with practice, YouTube and some finishing books in my library. The finishing on many of the photos in this issue look like my work – the amateur hour. What the heck? If the idea is to make me feel like I can achieve the look it was misguided. I find the sloppy presentation very distracting.

This is the latest issue.

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Sticking to Knitting

For the last couple of weeks my time has been spent with the knit lap afghan made from Lion Brand Mandala. I started the third and last skein a couple of days ago. Here is how it looks now…

Of course, projects always take longer to make than I expect, lol. Maybe finished by Halloween??!!??

The pattern I’m using is from Plymouth yarns called textured boxes baby blanket – here is the link

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Needlepoint & Knitting

Oh my! I have missed my needlearts so much and I am back to it … in a small way.

I have progressed with my physical therapy so that I am able to “craft” for 15 minutes, break for 60 minutes and repeat.  I should be able to get more time as my shoulder gets stronger.

This is what I am working on:

ts elephant 8sep2018
TS Elephant Needlepoint

I have had this great canvas for a long time but it was calling, and I answered.  I couldn’t find stretcher bars the length needed for the longest side (21 inches), I suspect that they are not made in that length.  I used 22 inch bars and laced the sides — it took forever but it will be easy to adjust the tension if i need to.  I am using the stitch guide that came with the canvas (of course, with modifications).  Threads so far are floss, perle cotton and metallic braid.

textured boxes afghan 8sep2018

Textured Boxes Blanket

This is the blanket I started last year, ripped out, started, ripped out, started ….. and finally I was happy and continued on.  The pattern is a freebie from Plymouth Yarn called Baby Angel Textured Boxes Baby Blanket, the yarn is Mandala by Lion Brand in color Chimera.  I have three balls and this is the second.  It should be a nice size for baby or lap, we will see.  I really the like color changes with this yarn, it is a lighter weight (rated as #3) and I think it it knitting up beautifully.



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