A Little Further on Raindrop Silhouette

Well… I had planned to move to another project this week but decided to continue with the Raindrop. This is a great piece….

I’m not sure how long I will be with this project but probably for another couple of days.

The best news for me is that I am finally able to knit again!! Yippee!! Throughout football season I hope to be able to make a variety of afghans / blankies — baby, crib, throw… any size, every size.  Knitting is my favorite activity while watching tv since I can knit simple patterns without looking.

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Raindrop Silhouette…

All of my stitching time for the past week was spent with Raindrop Silhouette by Charting Creations. There is really not much more to say about this other than it is a lot of blue …..

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Raindrop Silhouette Progress

This week I am back to cross stitch.  This is my progress on the Raindrop Silhouette project by Charting Creations.  This is on 22 count hardanger, stitching one over one.

raindrop 4aug2019

This is such a fun project!  I always like stitching with a single color and this is no exception.  I plan to stick with this project for another week and hope I can make some good progress.

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Christmas In July Continues

Christmas In July is almost over… today is the last day for the Hallmark Christmas movie marathon .. I have totally enjoyed those sappy, silly movies!

I have spent all of my limited crafty time working on the Bucilla ‘Tiny Treasures’ ornaments and have finished the tree…..

This is my second Bucilla felt finish – yes, it is a set of 12 but each ornament counts! So far, I have found the instructions to be quite good. I did manage to skip an item and had to remove a bit of the last part….. stitching the tree to the background was after adding the hanger. One additional step I added was to use a small amount of glue at the raw edges of the rick-rack to prevent fraying.

I really didn’t ‘get’ the placement lines while I worked on the snowman. After finishing the tree I understood the placement lines cause you to ease in and adjust the applique so there is room for the stuffing.

This is the current progress on the Santa,

He needs a hanger and then stitched to the background felt. I’m not sure what I think about the stitching lines being visible after the embroidery. I used two strands as instructed, Maybe an additional strand would help, or it could look too heavy. But still… he is so cute!

After Santa is done it will be back my Raindrop cross stitch.

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Christmas In July

I have my first finish of a Bucilla felt project! This is an ornament from an older kit from Gallery of Stitches called “Tiny Treasures”. This cute snowman has finished size of about 2.5 inches by 3 inches.

It took me multiple tries to get the satin stitches acceptable and I am happy with the result. I followed all directions as stated…. but I didn’t think about the extra room that would be needed for the stuffing so I stitched the applique a little to flat and that made the stuffing harder to get into the little places.

Next up is the tree because it looks easy… I’ll find out soon.

Why the delay from the last post? My shoulders, of course! Hoping the healing continues…. slow and steady is ok.

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Stitching More Scissor Fobs

The stitching is done for two more of the Shepherd’s Bush fob kits from my resource center.

Snow Scissor Fob – front

Snow Scissor Fob – back

The Snow fob was stitched on 32 count twilight blue linen with DMC and Weeks Works Overdyed. I used two strand of floss rather than one for the backstitch words “Happy Winter”.

Shepherd’s Fob – front

Shepherd’s Fob – back

The Shepherd’s fob was stitched on 28 count clay linen with DMC and beads. I used a full cross to attach each bead.

I have one more fob kit but it will be August before I start working on it because …..

it’s Christmas In July!!

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Stitch A Long with Charting Creations

This past week, I changed my cross stitch focus and decided to join in the SAL (stitch a long) with Charting Creations. Since smaller projects are easier for my shoulder, I am stitching one of the smaller pieces that is a free chart. This is called Raindrop Silhouette, I am stitching one over one using DMC 3844 and 22 count ivory hardanger fabric. The finished size will be about 7 inches by 10 inches.

This is my current progress….

I plan to continue on with the raindrop for another day or two. After that it will be back to Shepherd’s Bush scissor fobs…..

Next up is the Snow Scissor Fob.

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More Scissor Fob Stitching …

I am totally enjoying working on these small Shepherd’s Bush projects, I finished the stitching on two since my last post!

This is the Bee Scissor Fob, it is stitched on 32 count antique ivory linen using DMC and Weeks Works Overdyed.

This is the Harvest Scissor Fob stitched on 32 count tumbleweed linen using DMC and Weeks Works Overdyed.

What’s next? More scissor fobs!!

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Bee Scissor Fob … Stitching Continues

Another sweet design from Shepherd’s Bush … continuing on….

Side one of the fob is almost complete and I expect to finish it today and start on the second side.

While I finish the stitching I am looking at my choices for the next SB fob, I have 4 more in my resource center!

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Shepherds Bush Scissor Fobs

The stitching of the Millennium Fob is complete. I stitched my initials and the current year on the backing and plan do the finishing in June. The project is stitched on 32 count hand-sparkled Lambswool, threads are DMC. (It seems the sparkle didn’t age so well and most has gone missing.)

I’ve tried and tried to get decent pictures of the companion scissors and it is really hard – this is the best I have at the moment. These are Gingher embroidery scissors with the year “2000” engraved on one side of the blades and “Shepherd’s Bush” on the opposite side.

The next project is Bee Scissor Fob from Shepherd’s Bush. The kit comes with 32 count antique ivory linen, DMC, Weeks Dye Works, charm and scissors as shown. Cute!

Yep, I have a few of these!

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