Boba Fett and Raindrop Stitching

I finished up Boba Fett from Lego a couple of weeks ago! It was a fun build and it really looks great!

All of my stitching time has been with the Raindrop. I am using Pattern Keeper for the first time and wonder why I waited so long to try it.  It is wonderful! The pattern is 16,474 stitches and I am at just over 75% with 12,704 stitches complete. I’m hoping to finish before April.

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Boba Fett from Lego

This is the start of the Boba Fett Helmet. There are five bags and this is with the pieces from bag one complete. It is going to look great!

I also continued on with the Raindrop cross stitch from Charting Creations. It’s just over half way complete.

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She’s Done! Ann Roberts is Complete!

Today I finished the stitching on Ann Roberts from Hands Across The Sea Samplers. This beautiful sampler was a kit I received from my children for Christmas 2019. I am not the best at finishing things so I am super happy about this finish.

Ann is stitched on 40 count Weeks Dye Works Zweigart linen (color straw) using soie d’alger silks from Au Ver A Soie. I stitched in hand because of my shoulder issues and am quite pleased with the results. I hope to stitch my next project on a frame since it is both faster and my tension is a bit more even.

What is the next project? I have not decided on my next stitching project but up next is a Christmas 2020 present …

Boba Fett, Lego kit #75277 – photo from the Lego website

This is part of the Star Wars series from Lego. It should be a fun build at 625 pieces.

Stay safe, wear a mask!

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Getting So Close …. Ann Roberts Update

What happened to January? It’s hard to get my head around the fact that the month is already over and this is my first post of the year. I will blame it on Covid-19.

As usual my stitching time has been limited, not just from my shoulder but also by additional hours at work. I work at a Covid-19 immunizing pharmacy and it is a privilege and challenge. The relief that patients feel to be getting their immunization is gratifying but on the flip side are all of the people that are desperate to get their shot that I can’t help.

Stitching is great therapy …

Ann Roberts as of 24 January 2021

I was really hoping that I would be finished in January but I don’t see that as a possibility so my new goal is Valentines Day.

Don’t forget to wear a mask.

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Building the Fleet – Razor Crest is Complete!

Are you caught up on the Mandalorian? If not, skip the next paragraph!!

So…. a little late posting since the Razor Crest was blown to smithereens earlier this season. It’s almost a little nostalgic. This is my Lego build completed a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to post it.

Razor Crest – Lego

Ann Roberts is continues to come along nicely. This is my current progress.

Ann Roberts Reproduction Sampler from Hands Across the Sea Samplers

I am officially on vacation! My plans include Christmas, stitching, Christmas, Legos, and New Years. All activities will happen in my happy little home.

The next Lego build will be the Imperial Star Destroyer… it will be fabulous!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May whatever holiday you celebrate be joyful.

Stay safe and wear a mask!

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Ann Roberts and More 2021 Projects

This is Ann Roberts at about the half way point.

More projects that I would like to work on in 2021…

Jane Fiddes by Hands Across the Sea Samplers
Christus Pantokrator by Thea Gouverneur
Boo to You by Shepherd’s Bush
Ehrman Creation Series Day 1
Japanese Hiragana Sampler by Modern Folk Embroidery
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Dimensions

It remains clear that I need more hours in the day.

Please wear a mask, wash your hands and try to maintain social distancing…. the vaccine will be available soon!

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Ann Roberts Stitching and 2021 Projects

My Ann Roberts sampler looks so pretty…

Ann Roberts as of 4 December 2020

She will be at the top of my 2021 stitching list.

Here are some of the other projects that I want to start in 2021 (they are all on the list I posted a couple of weeks ago). If I can stay on task, maybe I can actually finish a couple.

This is the Monopoly gameboard chart from C&L Crafts & Co. When stitched on 18 count, the finished size is very close to the actual gameboard. I will be stitching over two on 32 count lime lugana that is close in color to the original board.

Monopoly Gameboard

Next is Sweater Buddies from janlynn. This has been in my resource center since it was released in 1998, it is so cute! The kit comes with 14 count aida but I plan to swap it out for something else to be determined, probably a 28 count white lugana or jobelan.

Sweater Buddies

More kits, this time from Thea Gouverneur, they are Mustard Pots and Jam Jars. I can’t remember where I ordered these from but was a little bummed when they arrived with 18 count aida, clearly I didn’t pay attention. I ordered 36 count white Edinburgh linen so that they will stay the same size, 5 inches by 14 inches.

Mustard Pots
Jam Jars

This is a Shepherd’s Bush kit that was started over 2 years ago (maybe closer to 3) as part of a 20 starts in 20 days kind of thing. It will be the perfect project for a quick finish to make me feel accomplished. The kit is called Liberty Child and will be tiny at 1 3/4 inches by 2 1/8 inches. It even came with its own mat – hope it fits a standard size frame.

As the month goes on, I will post pictures of the other projects I hope to work on in 2021.

Happy Holidays!

Don’t forget to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently and do your best to practice social distancing.

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Oops! Forgot to Get a Blog Post Ready

The holiday weekend got away from me.

Instead of doing my blog post I spent this afternoon reloading Christmas music to iTunes. Seriously, I have no idea where all the music went because it is on my old iPod… it seems to have wandered away. The good news is that I was successful and I will be enjoying holiday tunes in the car and house. Wish I could listen at work but that is not something that will happen.

It’s time to get going on the Christmas decorating and will start this week. I love how happy the house looks as the decorations start going up! I am so lucky to have my family support and help getting the house ready for the holidays.

Since I have already admitted to being a slacker, I will go even further and quit here so I can go heat up some Thanksgiving leftovers.

Stay safe and wear a mask!

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Project List for 2021

It has been a no crafting couple of weeks so I have no progress pictures with this post.

This is my project list for 2021 … for me it is ambitious since I am a slow stitcher who also works.

Work in progress projects to continue into 2021 are:
Ann Roberts c. 1842 – reproduction sampler – Hands Across the Sea Samplers
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – cross stitch on plastic canvas – Dimensions
Cupcake – needlepoint – Ehrman

New projects are:
Monolopy – cross stitch gameboard – C & L Crafts & Co
Jane Fiddes 1835 – reproduction sampler – Hands Across the Sea Samplers
Loara Standish – reproduction sampler – The Examplarery
Sweater Buddies – cross stitch Christmas holiday design – janlynn
Boo To You – cross stitch halloween holiday design – Shepherds Bush
Mustard Pots – cross stitch picture – Thea Gouverneur
Jam Jars – cross stitch picture – Thea Gouverneur
Christus Pantokrator – full coverage cross stitch picture – Thea Gouverneur
Liberty Child – cross stitch Americana small – Shepherds Bush
A Japanese Hiragana Sampler – modern sampler – Modern Folk Embroidery
Pumpkin – cross stitch pre-sewn pillow design – Pine Mountain Designs
Welcome to Tatooine – cross stitch Star Wars design – Country Magic Stitch
Mill Hill bead kits – variety cross stitch
Day 1 – needlepoint – Ehrman

I am hoping that I will be able to add some knit or crochet projects as time goes on and maybe even some quilting!!

As I take pictures of the 2021 projects I will get them posted!

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Ann Roberts c.1842 … Stitching Continues

I spent another week with Ann and continue to be thrilled with how she is stitching up. Since she is all cross stitch (no specialty stitches) it is an easy project as long a I count correctly. I don’t normally stitch large or such dense projects in hand so the stitches are not as uniform as if I was using stretcher bars or scroll rods on a floor frame. Hopefully, I am the only one who will notice!

This is Ann as of today…

Project list 2021…. it’s time for me to put together my list of projects of what I hope to focus on in 2021. Quilting will not be included since my shoulder….

So far, I have not found a stitch-a-long project that I am interested in. The sal samplers are not my style and the other sals that have been announced are mystery and I don’t ever, ever do mystery projects.

So I will be heading to my resource center this week to decide the projects most likely to get my attention. I’m thinking smaller projects with possible exceptions for samplers. Or… maybe it’s time to get out the floor frame and try some needlepoint.

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