Spider Web Afghan Finish

Great project that I finished on Monday.  It still came out a little tighter than expected, if I make another in this style I will definitely try a hook size “J”.

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Spider Web Afghan

This past week I finished 28 rounds of the Spider Web Afghan and was not happy with the results.  It looks like an island volcano.

spider web volcano 7oct2017

I didn’t realize how much the ends were curling and so I decided it was past time to check the gauge to the pattern…  that was somewhat helpful.  The yarn is Herrschners Worsted 8 – a medium weight worsted – the recommended hook is “H”.  The gauge on the pattern says 12 dc and 14 rows = 4 inches. Clearly, the 14 rows is wrong.  My stitches were a bit tighter at about 14 dc = 4 inches.

Time for a new start of the afghan.  This time I am using a hook size “I”.  This pic is from earlier this morning but as of the moment I am on round 18 and it is quite flat.  So glad I decided on a re-start.

spider web restart 7oct2017

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Mama’s Little Shortcuts & Halloween Afghan

I just finished block #1, Woodpile of the 30’s version of Mama’s Little Shortcuts.  I like it…

mls 30s woodpileMama’s Little Shortcuts, Block #1

Another new project that I started is a crochet afghan.  This is a kit I got from Herrschners called Spider Web Afghan.  I really don’t like projects that have color changes and with just black and white it is minimal — I think I can handle it but we shall see.

spider web afghan 29sep2017Spider Web Afghan


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Mama’s Little Shortcuts – BOM

This is my latest project —  it is another oldie that is sure to be fun to make.

mams's little shortcuts bom pic

Mama’s Little Shortcuts is a 1998 BOM from Atkinson Designs.  The designer, Terry Atkinson knows how to make things easy and I have been a fan of her designs for years.  I own most of her quilt books and many of the patterns.  Since my crafty attention tends to go to sparkly new projects, I have only finished one of her designs, Yellow Brick Road – completed entirely in Moda Dots.  You can see it here.  (Yes, that is me on a short trial of blogspot.)

Here is Mama’s Little Shortcuts, block #1 Woodpile.

mls block 1 23sep2017

There were two fabric options available from the shop where I bought this — traditional and 30’s.  This was the option with traditional/rustic fabric.  After seeing it in person at the shop, I ended up buying both fabric packs each month.  Next up the 30’s version of block #1.

It should look something like this:

mls 30s

The other big project I started this week is doing an inventory of my quilt and felt kits.  I seem to have a problem — I am addicted to the Bucilla felt kits, I buy them all and I have never even finished one.  I guess it is a collection.  You can see my collection here on my Pinterest page.  Eventually, I will take pics of my quilt kits, needlepoint kits / canvases, cross stitch and such …. it’s a work in progress.


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DOVE Bandages – Mission Accomplished

Each year I try to complete 6 bandages for the DOVE Bandage Brigade – here they are.  The good new is that when I went to the DOVE website there is an announcement that the bandages are no longer needed!

dove bandages 23sep2017.JPG

For more information you can find the announcement here.  

So…. finish up the bandages you are working on turn them in by early december 2017..



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Toothbrush Rug — 8 Day Project

douvet cover

Several years ago I bought a pattern and tool to make a toothbrush rug.  I tried to start one and failed and moved on to making a locker hook rug.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on a youtube with someone demonstrating how to make a toothbrush rug.  I found my pattern and tool and got started.

The fabric I used was a queen size duvet cover that was literally in the trash – my daughter really like the covered, but it was just too worn to be called anything but a rag and she decided to let it go.  I saw the rug demo and rescued the duvet cover.

rug at half

She was hoping for a large rug — about 32 by 54.  I knew that I would not have enough fabric so I was hoping for the best.  This shows the rug at half way and the size is about 15 in by 29 in.

finished rug

This is the completed rug – the finished size is 22 in by 38 in.  She is thrilled with the finished rug!!

rug close up

This is a close up of the working side of the rug.

I don’t expect to ever make another — unless I am really desperate for a specific color.  The dust and lit that covered my sewing room after making this was awful!  I spent most of day 8 of this project cleaning my sewing room.

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The Last 4 Blocks!



These are the blocks from months 11 and 12.  I had fun with these blocks but did have a couple of problems with construction.  When you look closely you can see a bit of ripple in each and every flying geese part of the star. Since I have not had this problem before I am guessing that a couple things could have caused it.  First is that I just wasn’t careful enough … entirely possible and probable. Second is the fabric and how to work with it. The indigo fabrics are heavy, even heavier than the homespun … this quilt has both.  Since the other fabrics are traditional quilting cottons, I can’t help but wonder how I could have pieced these differently.  Since it is unlikely I will be using them again I will not dwell on it.

Another result of the construction problem is that the blocks do not measure properly.  Each measures 14.25 inches rather than 14.5 inches.  At least they are consistent!

What to do with 48 large star blocks? Not sure i want a quilt that is 82 x 110. Maybe a couple (few) throw quilts? pillows? table toppers?

Next up … I am going to try to make a toothbrush rag rug.

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And this set of blocks…

I continue to enjoy making blocks for the Indigo Stars BOM, in spite of myself.


This is from month 9 — I managed to cut one of the plaid fabrics 2.25 in instead of 2.5 inches. This kit does not allow for any miscuts for anything other than the star fabrics. I guess that keeps costs down but I would rather pay more and have some extra fabrics. I found a suitable replacement in my resource center and I am on to block set 10.


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More Big Blocks & Knit Dove Bandages



Here are the blocks for month 7 for Indigo Stars BOM.  I had a major miscut so the extra seams are because I didn’t pay great attention to my pattern … oops!

So— what did I do wrong?  I was ‘expecting’ the lighter fabrics to be in a specific place but the pattern is designed for plaid vs print placement (not color placement) and I cut my strip sets backwards.

I should have selected new fabric but I am stubborn and wanted to use what was in the kit.

As usual, I am also working on my knit bandages for Dove.  I have completed four of the six I plan to have ready by fall.


Yep … I had to show off my super cute bandage bag.

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NP, Mill Hill, Quilting ….

Once again, time flies… I need to give myself a specific day to post and perhaps I will get back to a weekly schedule.

Christmas in July was weak… I did make two Mill Hill beaded ornaments but I only completed the finishing on one.  mill hill snowman 28july2017mill hill santa 28july2017They look so cute when they are done!  But then I had to decide how to turn them into ornaments.

mill hill santa back 28july2017The Santa was my guinea pig for finishing.  I added a jewelry finding to the back with glue – thanks to Calico and her flosstube #17 for the idea.  When it was dry, I put a layer of white glue on the back – extending a couple of rows beyond the stitching and applied a square of felt.  After it was dry, I cut it out and ….


The trimming was not easy, I will try different scissors on the snowman… “discovery requires experimentation”.

I also spent a bit of time on the patchwork bear stocking I started for my son 25+ years ago.

bear stocking 8aug2017

Sorry, just realized that I didn’t take a picture of the entire piece – next time.  This is a handpainted canvas from TS. If it looks familiar, it could be because it was modified and available as kit (maybe from Bucilla).    Stitching for the head is finished and I am going to try work on it for least a couple of days every month.

Last for this post is a block of the month quilt that is another oldie but goodie.

indigo bom month 1 thru 5 9aug2017

This is the Indigo Stars BOM from Reproduction Fabrics that is from before 2000,  it might be the first bom that I ever signed up for.  With each pack you make four squares, unfinished size 14.5 inches, each month has six fabrics, each month the fabrics change.  I have completed the first five months and have and one duplicate fabric.  With 48 completed blocks this would make an enormous quilt or a couple (or more) throw size.  No idea what I will do with the blocks.


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