Watching and Waiting

And sitting on the sidelines continues.

If you are a fan of Jean Farish you might already have her chart called America Land That We Love.

The designer is coordinating a stitch a long for this piece that will have a kick off zoom gathering on 9/11/21. I am hoping to be able join in the stitching soon and will definitely be following the group progress. If you would like more info you will need to join the JFN SAL Facebook group.

Of course, the chart is still available as a pdf download from Jean Farish. You can find it by clicking this link to her etsy.

I plan to use 32 count white Belfast linen with DMC.

Just what I needed …. another sal project!

Have a wonderful Labor Day, wear a mask and please get vaccinated!

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Still on The Sidelines

Another week of zero stitching or sewing.

I did get part of my order from 123Stitch. It included two fabulous charts and a package of Mill Hill perforated paper in 18 count.

The first is called Amelia Prescott by Kathy Barrick, it has the feel of a reproduction but it is not. I’m already planning some changes – the saying and name – the floss colors will depend on the fabric I choose. I’m not a huge fan of overdyed since I like to be able to wash if I stitch in hand. This might be a good time to try out the DMC overdyes since they state they are colorfast. More planning is needed.

Amelia Prescott by Kathy Barrick – photo from 123Stitch

Let Freedom Ring by Lila’s Studio is the other chart that I ordered. I have lurked in the facebook group for this piece and watched the progress of other stitchers, this is such a great design. I’m not from Philadelphia but I am from northwestern PA and like the connection. I really don’t have any changes planned for this piece other than floss selection.

Let Freedom Ring by Lila’s Studion – photo from 123Stitch

No need to describe perforated paper other than to say that I never knew it came in 18 count so I need to try it.

Stay safe and wear a mask!!

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Standing Still or Still Standing

Another frustrating month with my shoulder that makes me want time to stand still so I can fully participate. Oh well, I’m still standing and working so that is a victory.

I haven’t done any stitching since my last post but that didn’t keep me from planning. First up will be to finish my Santa ornament from Dimensions.

This week I hope to get the fabric cut and onto a scroll frame for And They Sinned.

I normally don’t grid anything except full coverage pieces but am toying with a grid for this. Maybe just a couple lines down center, left and right edges to help keep order. More

And then there is the small order from 123 Stitch. It should be here soon!

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Christmas in July Projects

Time flies……

The Christmas movies are back and I have been enjoying watching and stitching!

This year I started with a fall project created by Pine Mountain Designs from 2003. I actually pulled it out to start a couple times over the last few years but didn’t want to deal with 4 strands of floss and a pre-finished item.

It took about a week to stitch because I kept ripping out the background trying to ‘make it look right’.  The design is 50 by 51 and stitched on a 10 count insert. It took a couple tries to realize that the insert is not the correct size, it’s slightly smaller as well as longer than it is wide.

My solution was to re-chart the background to fit my insert. 

My ‘Pumpkin’ is finished!
Picture from designer

This was my first project like this and I now know that I absolutely need to measure and count out using the actual item in the kit!

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Another Baby Afghan

It is such a great feeling to be able to crochet again.  It has been a three year haitus and I continued to buy yarn and added a few skeins to my resource center expecting to make blankets and scarves.

I bought several skeins of Mary Maxim Baby Blankie … one in every color. After I finished the blanket last week I wanted to do another and went through my patterns and a bunch of options on Ravelry and ended up using the same pattern from Mary Maxim, Rolling Ripple. It’s easy to do and I really like the result. I’ll try another pattern next time, maybe.

I think that this would make a lovely throw or full size afghan by adapting the number of stitches between the rolls and maybe deepening the roll just a bit.

once again …. back to the Devastator.

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Raindrop Is A Finish

The Raindrop project is finished!! All it needs is a wash and press but that will be for another day.

This great piece is from Charting Creations and is called Raindrop Silhouette Freebie. The design size is 158 by 223. I used antique white 22 count hardanger and DMC 3844, making my finish about 7 inches by 10 inches.

And now…. back to the Devastator.

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Busy, Busy, Busy……

Progress on my Lego Devastator is grand! This is complete through step 654. I expect it to be done before June ends.

I have also been testing out my shoulder with knit and crochet. This is the Rolling Ripple Blankie (a free pattern from Mary Maxim) that I started over 3 years ago. I used one ball of Caron Jumbo, a worsted weight (4) acrylic. I’m pretty sure it is color Green Meadows. It only needed a few rows to make it a finish. The size is perfect for stroller or car seat, a great Project Linus pattern. This one is going to my grandkitty, Wolfenstein.

I am also trying to get a finish with my Raindrop cross stitch project. This was another free project, this time from Charting Creations. Yes, I love freebies!

There are less than 1,000 stitches to complete this project. So close….

Summer is here and since we are super hot it’s a great time to get inside an air conditioned pharmacy or vaccine center and get your Covid vaccine. Stay safe!!

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The Imperial March is the only possible introduction into the progress I’ve made on the Devastator!

Steps 1 through 526 (out of 1015) are complete. I am currently working on parts bags labeled 13 (out of 19).

This ship model is huge and I have no clue where I will put it when it is done! The details are amazing but I am also impressed with the structural stability.

I will continue on at my slow pace and plan to have it finished it sometime in June.

Stay safe and get your covid vaccine.

Have a safe, thoughtful and fun Memorial Day!

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Stitching By My Mom

I learned many skills from my mom. It was unusual to see see her seated without a project in her hands. She taught me to sew, knit, crochet, and embroider. I was not always the best student but she taught me a true appreciation of hand crafted items.

I love to try different crafting ideas. In 1981 I was encouraged to try counted cross stitch while looking for new project at Lee Wards. I was hooked!

Soon after that I was visiting my mom and brought my stitching. Even though she thought she couldn’t possibly get the hang of counted cross stitch, she decided to give it a try. She was the most prolific stitcher I’ve ever known. I have about 20 pieces, my sisters probably have about 50 each… countless additional pieces were gifted to family and friends.

These are a few of the pieces that she stitched.

Mom’s PB Moss Wall

There are three stitched pieces and three prints on this will. Top left is “Sisters” by PB Moss, it is stitched on linen.

Top center is “The Newborn” by PB Moss, it is stitched on linen.

Bottom center is “Apple Girl” by PB Moss, it is stitched on Fiddler’s Cloth.

The other pieces in the main photo are PB Moss prints.

Thanks Mom!!

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Star Wars Lego and Raindrop Stitching

I don’t know which project I’m most excited about, finishing my raindrop or building the star destroyer!

I have started a new Lego, it is the Ultimate Collector Series 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer. There are 4,784 pieces used to create this fabulous model. This is the Devastator, the Starship from the opening scene of the original Star Wars movie aka Star Wars: A New Hope. I am a super slow builder and expect it to take me at least a few months.

One box opened, there are four boxes in total.
Steps 1 to 31 completed.

The raindrop cross stitch is over 93% complete.  I have made plenty of adjustments to make things match up. Stitching this style is fun without the stress of having to be super accurate.  My photograph is not even close to the actual color and I have not been able to figure out how to correct it. I am stitching one over one on 22 count cream hardanger fabric using DMC 3844 (dark bright turquoise).

It might be finished this week and that means I need to decide on the next project. Decisons, decisions…..

Stay safe and wear a mask.

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