LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

The journey has begun!

After looking at my box for almost 3 months, it is open….

I will be nothing like other builders and expect to spend a  couple months putting this project together rather than a few days as so many others have done. 

The build started on 28June2020…..

All of the packets in this picture are labeled as “1”…

Even with the best intentions, I did not take photos at each step.  These show as of 8July20 with packets 1 and 2 complete….

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Makeup Brush Storage Roll

This great makeup brush storage roll project was designed and stitched by my daughter.

Using two fat quarters of Star Wars fabric and some vinyl by the the yard her plan came together.

This photo is of the inside of the roll. You can make this any size that you choose. Make the pocket by using an additional piece of fabric to create nice definition and help the fabric hold its form.  Create a finished edge for the pocket top by folding 1/4 inch, repeat and sew.  Stitch the pocket to the main fabric using a quarter inch seam.

The outer edges are finished by pressing 1/4 inch on all three sides and then repeat – don’t forget to miter the top corners to cut down the bulk. Don’t sew until your vinal is in place.

Cut a piece of vinyl the same size, height and width, as your main pressed fabric. Slip it behind the pocket and under the edges.  Sew the vinyl into place as you sew the rolled edges. Try using clips or fabric glue to keep everything in place as you sew.

Mark and stitch dividers in the pocket.

Make a matching tie and you are done!

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My First Finish of 2020

Yippee! My first cross stitch finish of 2020.

This is from a free chart by Fiddlesticksau and is called “Just Breathe”. It is a way to memorialize this difficult time of Covid 19 and I seriously wish it was possible!

Just Breathe by Fiddlesticksau

I stitched on 28 count tan Joeblan using DMC in the recommended colors with one exception.  I ran out of one of the blues and switched the feathers and arrow tip to 3350.

The other project that I have just started on is my A-Wing by Lego.

Stay safe, stay home as much as you can and wear a mask.

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May The Fourth Be With You…

Yesterday was a busy day, I hope everyone is doing well, these are scary times. Wash your hands, wear a mask, stay home as much as you can.

I have been working on my X-Wing by Lego.

xwing 5may20

Yes, I know there are much faster builders than me. In my defense I am only working on projects (any and all projects) in 15 minute increments, four or five times daily. If I am working at my real job — essential employee pharmacy tech — it is less.  I expect to finish this week and then it will be back to the Rudolph cross stitch … at least until my new Lego A-Wing kit arrives.  Too bad it will have to go into package quarantine when it arrives.



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Fun Projects For Kids of All Ages

Since I am still shoulder challenged and in physical therapy, my crafty time is now 15 minutes increments about 4 times a day (unless I am working and then it is maybe 2 times).

My current cross stitch project is Rudolph.  This is from a kit by Dimensions.  I changed the plastic canvas from clear to white so that I could cut the canvas to a small, manageable size.  I also swapped out all of the floss to DMC.

This is my start…..  rudy xs

And the finish will look like this ….. rudolph

But then I got distracted……..

The show called Lego Masters wrapped up last week, it was a fun watch!  I had not done any Lego building since my son was young, 20ish years ago.  Today I am the proud owner of three Lego Star Wars kits.

This is my first finish it is Luke Landspeeder and has 236 pieces. Fun and easy….

My current Lego is Poe Dameron’s X-Wing, 761 pieces…..
I’m at step 101 and if my shoulder cooperates, I will finish this week.

Stay safe, stay home!!



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Shelter Projects ….

The things that have brought joy and satisfaction for my whole life are now getting some media attention as activities to try while sheltering in place. I hope that a few people discover a lifetime love of needlearts … needlepoint, cross stitch, knit, crochet….or….?

The past weekend I tried to get back to stitching with cross stitch on plastic canvas and did a little knit project.

I’ll post pics later.

I am still in physical therapy once a week and the therapist used dry needling among other things and I have been quite uncomfortable for the past few days. I am grateful that I have good insurance and live close to great resources – in this case, Mayo.

Stay safe, stay home.

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Getting Back To It ….. Stay Safe, Stay Home!


I have been completely absent from almost everything with the exception of my job.

I had shoulder surgery in April 2018, after almost two years of physical therapy and doctor visits, I reluctantly made an appointment with a shoulder specialist at Mayo Clinic. My husband is a volunteer at Mayo and had been urging me to have them give another opinion. The doctor thought the repair to my shoulder was well done. He recommended several steps including Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP), a visit to a physical medicine doctor and physical therapy.

I think it is working! I have had the PRP treatment, and am in PT …. because of Covid 19 I am only able to go once a week but am so grateful that Mayo hasn’t shut PT down completely.

My daughter and I spent a good part of yesterday making cotton face masks for our family. We used black Kona cotton and the pattern from Johns Hopkins. Since there is no elastic available we used a headband for one, hem binding for and are making ties out of the Kona fabric for the others.

The last two masks ready to sew…

A couple of finished maskes that have been washed and are in a basket by the door to remind us to take one of we are going out for food.

I am in Arizona and the state is under an incredibly weak stay at home order. I work part-time as a pharmacy technician and considered an essential employee. To date, we have not been supplied with face masks and I will be wearing one of these when in public as well as in close contact with patients. Hopefully, when I go in to work tomorrow I will find medical grade masks.

Stay safe, stay home.

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A Very Happy New Year!

The new year came so fast!  I have a lot of catching up to do… my project wish list has not been started, I bought a new floor frame and it is still in the box, stitch-a-log projects that need to be organized, and of course, my everyday life continues on.

I am again very grateful for my children that continue to be a huge help with not just day to day activities but also all of the holiday decorating.  My shoulder issues continue and I try to be hopeful but it is frustrating.  Typing is one of the things that causes irritation so this has to be short and sweet.

More next week!!


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Rolling Ripple Blankie in Crochet

The Rolling Ripple Blankie is coming along great! This is a free download from Mary Maxim. The pattern calls for Mary Maxim Baby Blankie yarn and I have completed one blankie with that yarn – it is a very soft medium worsted weight yarn.  This time I am using the Caron Jumbo, it isn’t as soft as the Mary Maxim but am hoping that after a wash it will be more cozy.  The finished size is to be determined… it will be done when the skein runs out.

blankie 10nov19

While I was working on this blankie I bought and tried a new crochet hook.  I had been reading rave reviews of the Clover Armour crochet hooks.  They sounded so great I almost ordered an entire set …. but …. I ended up buying the H hook to give it a try.  Maybe if I was new to crochet it would be great, but the feel is all wrong for me.  I  couldn’t figure out how to hold it without it rubbing my cuticle.  I continue on with my Susan Bates hooks.

I also spent so time trying to organize my yarn supply and am actually shocked at the quantity!!  Although I prefer to knit, I am faster at crochet and it definitely uses more yarn.  Next crochet project …. ???


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Raindrop Stitching – Error? What Error?

I have been stitching along on my Raindrop project and discovered a counting error.  I did a little ripping and then decided to leave the rest as stitched.  The good news with this style of project, it’s really hard to spot an error and I’m not telling where it is.  I don’t know why I didn’t put in a basic grid, and I am not going to put one in now.  I am marking the chart with a highlighter as I stitch to help keep on track.



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