what to do, what to do…

it has been just over one week since i had surgery on my right shoulder. no idea when i will be back to stitching since simply getting dressed is a major challenge. can’t wait to try to be able to function at work!

as i do very little, i plan new projects.

the new merry stockings catalog arrived and there are several items i would like to add to my resource center.

also on my shopping list are a couple of ehrman needlepoint kits.

these are days 1 & 6 of the creation series by alex beattie.

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I Am Optimistic…

The last week was a fail when talking crafting. Not able to complete one row of the blanket — a couple of pieces were cut for an ornament but then I stopped.

It was a partial win when it comes to my shoulder.   I went in for an MRI and that has enough info to send me to an ortho dr — appointment is tomorrow and I am optimistic that this will be productive.  The results show a bursa problem that will hopefully be an in office injection that will be a one and done — not a sign of rips or tears to the rotator cuff or tendons.

I am working on my list of questions for the doctor and am optimistic!!



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One Thing Leads to Another …

Boohoo, poor me.  It seems that my shoulder problem is bigger than expected.  As the medical experts try to figure out what is going on I plan to take these few days to do as much as I dare with my crafty activities.

This will be my new project – a good opportunity to see how well I am able to embroider as both righty and learning to be a lefty – a vintage Bucilla kit called Tiny Treasures.

tiny treasures

I also plan to get at least a few rows completed on my bfbr blanket.  By the time I am done I am hopeful that the transportation issues are resolved.

Happy Easter!!

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I will never run out of yarn….

Since I keep restarting my projects and have such limited crafty time, I should have enough yarn to last a lifetime — or until I wear out the yarn.

My latest blanket has been restarted, again.  This time I am using size 11 needles with two strands of yarn.  (If I had a circular 10.5 I would have used that.)  I am mostly following the pattern with a couple of changes for a slightly wider border – not sure why — but I did.

My shopping therapy continues with more yarn and Bucilla felt kits.

More later…


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Cleaning up the Blog

My latest not stitching project is cleaning up my blog.  The free patterns sections should not have any broken links.  I am amazed at the number of cross stitch designers that are no longer in business and those links have been removed.  This certainly is a great reminder to save a screenshot or print off any free patterns since you never know how long they will be around.

Going forward, I will be looking for websites for new designers — fabric, cross stitch & needlepoint — and adding any freebie links that are provided.

This past week was a complete and total disaster at physical therapy — one step forward, two dozen steps back.  I am more than a little frustrated but I am still confident that I will be back to stitching before long… maybe summer???  Geeze, I hope it will be sooner.


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Shopping Therapy

So…. this shoulder thing seems to be a baby step progression — with an occasional backslide. I am currently coming back from a backslide and what better way to feel better than a little therapy — shopping therapy.

With less than 15 minutes of crafting this week I have no progress to show but I did order this from Herrschners / Willow Yarns last night.

measure tape bracelet

Super cute accessory for crafting — a tape measure bracelet!

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Making Blankets

This is my current knit blanket project–

bfbr blanket one

this is a restart of the project.  I am using two strands of worsted on size 10 needles.  I have no idea what the finished size will be … I intend for it to be baby elephant blanket but it seems much wider than I expected so it could be a baby rhino blanket.  I am stitching with Caron Jumbo and Red Heart super saver jumbo.

This one was started as a baby rhino blanket but with my shoulder injury I am finding that crochet is not my friend.
crochet bfbhIt will be put away for awhile as I continue to heal.  The final size will be about 48 in by 48 in. I am stitch with Caron Jumbo.

Not particularly thrilled with either yarn, I know they will soften up after use and washing but they are quite stiff to work with.  On the flip side, I love the fact that neither of them split as I am using them.

I am anxious to get back to my needlepoint.. soon!!


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So Excited – Lady Maud Foxley

Screenshot-2018-1-22 Lady Maud Foxley Gault Designs Needlepoint Pattern Leaflet NEW RARE eBay

I have wanted this chart for quite some and had an active search on ebay for about two years.  It finally popped up last weekend and arrived a few days later.  I am excited to begin thinking about my “adaptation”.

This week was devoted to work related activities and not much crafting…

In my typical style, I have ripped and restarted my latest blanket and hope to get a least a few rows re-done this week.

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Knit & Crochet – New Projects

This part week I experimented with a couple of new projects. This is an afghan that will hopefully be throw size. I am using my new needles and worsted weight held double. The pattern is based on Stylish Squares by Susan Hanlon on Ravelry.

Just a few rows done but it should go fast, even with limited crafty time.

Next is a Continuous Granny that I started yesterday.

The pattern I’m using is called Joy’s Journey by Look At What I Made. I am using worsted weight yarn and a brand new hook.

Both blankets are intended to go to Blankets for Baby Rhinos. What a great cause!

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Annual Project Goals – 2018

I have been dreaming of all the projects I will work on in 2018!

My evenings will be all about knitting and crocheting blankets (afghans) and my days will be spent with cross stitch, needlepoint, and a variety of sewing projects.

Wish List:
-complete one baby elephant blanket and one baby rhino blanket (hopefully more)
-complete one Christmas super scarf for Kendra

-piece the top for the Halo Medallion quilt from the Quilt Show BOM

-complete the equivalent of one page from Tilton’s Map of Middle Earth (xs)
-complete the equivalent of one page from HAED’s Catching the Breeze (xs)
-complete 3 Mill Hill beaded kits (xs & beading)
-start Jam Jars from Vervaco (xs)

-some progress on Carole Lake’s St Basil’s Cathedral (needlepoint)
-start (& finish?) Pat Thode’s Halloween house (needlepoint)

ok, maybe one more afghan like the header picture in grey heather.

At 30 minutes a day this is impossible!! Hope my shoulder heals quickly:)

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