NP, Mill Hill, Quilting ….

Once again, time flies… I need to give myself a specific day to post and perhaps I will get back to a weekly schedule.

Christmas in July was weak… I did make two Mill Hill beaded ornaments but I only completed the finishing on one.  mill hill snowman 28july2017mill hill santa 28july2017They look so cute when they are done!  But then I had to decide how to turn them into ornaments.

mill hill santa back 28july2017The Santa was my guinea pig for finishing.  I added a jewelry finding to the back with glue – thanks to Calico and her flosstube #17 for the idea.  When it was dry, I put a layer of white glue on the back – extending a couple of rows beyond the stitching and applied a square of felt.  After it was dry, I cut it out and ….


The trimming was not easy, I will try different scissors on the snowman… “discovery requires experimentation”.

I also spent a bit of time on the patchwork bear stocking I started for my son 25+ years ago.

bear stocking 8aug2017

Sorry, just realized that I didn’t take a picture of the entire piece – next time.  This is a handpainted canvas from TS. If it looks familiar, it could be because it was modified and available as kit (maybe from Bucilla).    Stitching for the head is finished and I am going to try work on it for least a couple of days every month.

Last for this post is a block of the month quilt that is another oldie but goodie.

indigo bom month 1 thru 5 9aug2017

This is the Indigo Stars BOM from Reproduction Fabrics that is from before 2000,  it might be the first bom that I ever signed up for.  With each pack you make four squares, unfinished size 14.5 inches, each month has six fabrics, each month the fabrics change.  I have completed the first five months and have and one duplicate fabric.  With 48 completed blocks this would make an enormous quilt or a couple (or more) throw size.  No idea what I will do with the blocks.


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A Quilt for Cooper!

coopers quilt finished 18july2017

This is the finished quilt for Cooper!  My favorite way to baste is using 505 spray but it did not work on this.  The backing – Moda marble dots in black/grey – stuck nicely to the batting but the pieced quilt top did not.  My assumption is that the 505 is not compatible with nylon, I used Sulky Soft n’ Sheer as the base to create the string blocks.

The batting is Soft & Bright by Warm and I did minimal quilting — straight lines in one direction every 4 inches.  I am using my Elna to do the quilting and I am learning to use batting that can be quilted many inches apart.  Honestly, I think heirloom quilting is fabulous … but … my quilts are (hopefully) functional and I like finishing them myself in a reasonable amount of time.

Now it might really be time for Christmas in July …..

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Emma Elliot – Completed 12 July 2017

I finished stitching Emma on Monday but I had dozens of away waste knots that needed to be secured.  Here she is —

emma elliot complete 12july2017

I changed a few things … some were intentional some were by accident.  I am really glad to have a finish — my favorite part is the row with the house and I really like the fabric.

As much as I like the finish of the full coverage pieces (ie Tilton, Haed, Scarlet Quince — wall to wall stitching with constant color changes), working a sampler — any sampler is much more fun.

On to Christmas in July!!

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Emma Elliot Sampler


A couple of weeks ago I brought out the Emma Elliot Sampler that I started last year. I only planned to spend a week with her but it is sort of like popcorn…. I can’t seem to put it down.

I’m not sure way — it is not one of my favorites.  Maybe I just want it finished, which I do.

So …. I continue on with Emma and hope to finish within a couple of weeks then it will be on to Christmas in July!!

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Progress on Quilt & 2018 Calendar

Back in the day when my children were little I often made the “Jeweled” calendars from Bucilla.  I don’t think that Bucilla makes them anymore but I did find one that I like from Creative Connection, Inc.  They are fast and easy but I must say the quality for this particular kit is awful.  The printing is fuzzy and smeared in places.  The package  was filled with loose sequins and it is impossible to iron out the lines from the folds.  Other than that it is great!

The blocks for Cooper’s quilt are done and are on the design wall while I move them about trying to decide on the final layout.  As I move the blocks I am trying to come up with an idea for quilting as well as the color of quilting thread (or threads).  I plan to use a black moda dot for the the backing and black moda marble for the binding – that makes me want to lean to a grey for the quilting.  Looking for inspiration!!

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Out of my comfort zone

I have been working on the baby quilt for Cooper!  I decided on a string quilt using black, white and green. 14975395677881430959398

Finished size will be about 48 in x 48 in, 36 blocks total. I am using a light weight stabilizer for the foundation – a technique that I have never used, so far so good.

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gradient garter blanket finished 22may2017Gradient Garter Blanket – Caron / Mary Maxim

Just finished up weaving in the the ends of this cute throw.   Love it!!

The finished size is about 36 by 42.  I have a huge amount of yarn left!!  Maybe I will make a granny square or a log cabin style throw with the leftovers.

This is next up from my plastic canvas stash.  Witch Hats is a coaster & holder kit from Craftways/Herrschners.

witch hats plastic canvas

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DOVE Bandages

I have finished knitting two bandages this year. My goal is to have 6 ready when the call to send them is made – that is usually October. 

and next…

these are the fabrics that will be used for the quilt for Cooper. 

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A Contented Heart XS & Gradient Garter Blanket

a contented heart complete 7may2017A Contented Heart

This is another ewe and eye and friends cross stitch project called a contented heart.  It was stitched on 32 count mocha linen 2 over 2.  This is kit from 1994 but, as usual, I swapped out the floss since I don’t like the coverage of  one strand on 32 count.

Gradient Garter Blanket

I have started this pretty knit blanket.  This is a Caron project and  is made with Simply Soft by using two strands held together.  It should go fast since the needles are size 13.

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EEF Cross Stitch & Crochet Car Seat Blankies

Wow — and how time flies!

pumpkin bird 14april2017Pumpkin Bird from Ewe & Eye & Friends

The last few days I spent with a cross stitch kit from Ewe & Eye & Friends.  This is Pumpkin Bird, it was my Day 13 start from the Cross Stitch Crazy 2017 Challenge.  It is stitched two over two on 36 count dirty Edinborough linen.  The kit (as with all EEF kits) is kitted to stitch one over two. I decided to buy new overdye to get better coverage.  So cute!!


The Mary Maxim crochet car blankie kit is complete.  These are the last two blankies — this was like doing an oversized sample.  Each project was small enough to have a quick(ish) finish but big enough to know if I will ever want to do the pattern in a larger size.

aqua crochet car seat blankie finished april2017Aqua Crochet Car Seat Blankie

blue baby car seat blankie finished april 2017Blue Crochet Car Seat Blankie

and next up….

It is time to stitch the background on my Santa With Snowman from Pat Thode of Heartstings.  I was debating on making it into a square pillow, stand-up or having it framed.  The current plan is to go stand-up — I would like to finish it myself but I have never done that before and will need much practice.


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