More Halloween ….

I almost forgot about these small quilts. I put them out this morning – so cute!

This is a Thimbleberries project that I made a few years ago. And…

This is a paper pieced project from years gone by.

More later..

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Halloween Decorating Fun

I am happy to have my Halloween decorations up!

This is in our great room – small but sweet. The jack-o-lantern is almost as old as me.. as in vintage! My mom made it when I was in either elementary or middle school… after years of use the electric gave up and I have not been able to find a fixture that will fit. I have been lighting it using a battery candle but really want to find a plug in replacement. I will check to see what the craft stores have this year. I may need to be more creative in my thinking.

The cobweb throw is a crochet project from last year.

My super cute Kleenex house.

The only piece I have finished from the Mosey ‘n Me Thanksgiving series.

A couple of cute accents.

Fun votive holders from Yankee Candle.

My sad shoulders have been super sad this week so no crafting.

Ohhh… and next week I will share my new quilty goodies!

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Just Cross Stitch 2018 Ornament Issue

The Just Cross Stitch 2018 Special Holiday Issue – Christmas Ornaments is out and available where you like to shop. I picked up my copy last week and, as always, I’m inspired.

I need more stitch time – at least I have some. But I really want unlimited time – totally unrealistic!!

So… as I browse the ornament issue, in addition to being inspired I am also surprised. Maybe I just never noticed before (I will be looking at older issues) but … I am surprised and frankly stunned at the quality of the finishing of the ornaments that are included.

I am constantly talking about spending time to learn how to do ornament finishing. My finishing is acceptable but it could definitely look more professional if I spent some time with practice, YouTube and some finishing books in my library. The finishing on many of the photos in this issue look like my work – the amateur hour. What the heck? If the idea is to make me feel like I can achieve the look it was misguided. I find the sloppy presentation very distracting.

This is the latest issue.

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Sticking to Knitting

For the last couple of weeks my time has been spent with the knit lap afghan made from Lion Brand Mandala. I started the third and last skein a couple of days ago. Here is how it looks now…

Of course, projects always take longer to make than I expect, lol. Maybe finished by Halloween??!!??

The pattern I’m using is from Plymouth yarns called textured boxes baby blanket – here is the link

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Needlepoint & Knitting

Oh my! I have missed my needlearts so much and I am back to it … in a small way.

I have progressed with my physical therapy so that I am able to “craft” for 15 minutes, break for 60 minutes and repeat.  I should be able to get more time as my shoulder gets stronger.

This is what I am working on:

ts elephant 8sep2018
TS Elephant Needlepoint

I have had this great canvas for a long time but it was calling, and I answered.  I couldn’t find stretcher bars the length needed for the longest side (21 inches), I suspect that they are not made in that length.  I used 22 inch bars and laced the sides — it took forever but it will be easy to adjust the tension if i need to.  I am using the stitch guide that came with the canvas (of course, with modifications).  Threads so far are floss, perle cotton and metallic braid.

textured boxes afghan 8sep2018

Textured Boxes Blanket

This is the blanket I started last year, ripped out, started, ripped out, started ….. and finally I was happy and continued on.  The pattern is a freebie from Plymouth Yarn called Baby Angel Textured Boxes Baby Blanket, the yarn is Mandala by Lion Brand in color Chimera.  I have three balls and this is the second.  It should be a nice size for baby or lap, we will see.  I really the like color changes with this yarn, it is a lighter weight (rated as #3) and I think it it knitting up beautifully.



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The Physical Therapist used the “S” Word

The word is “stitch”!

My therapist says I am getting closer to stitching time! In the meantime, I am finally physically able and have decided to continue with my needlework inventory. This time I am working on my needlework library. Documenting what I have is time consuming but it is pretty fabulous to be able to look at my personal pins to find a kit, magazine, chart or whatever! I have learned to put a location in my pin and just realized that I didn’t do that with today’s pins. Off to do some updating..

If you use Pinterest, you can find my pins under Janice Lynn jlbfjlbf.

Happy World Elephant Day!

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Twelve Weeks of Recovery and ….

I’m still not doing any crafting – no needlepoint, cross stitch, quilting, knitting… you get the idea. I am still not driving … maybe soon.

I suspect that the craft stores – both local and online are wondering why sales have slumped. I refuse to buy new projects and supplies until I am back to crafty shape. Except…. I found and bought the new Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch. Seriously, I was afraid if I waited until I was able to stitch, the 2019 issue would be out.

And just for the record, I have never, ever completed a single project from any Halloween issue. They are a must have for my library and I love to dream.

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If only… Rebecca Woods Texas Needlepoint

Back to work this week went well, physical therapy is also going well. If I were confident that I would be able to handle it, I would seriously be considering signing up for this class.

This is called Texas and is a handpainted canvas by Rebecca Woods. Since there is no chance of my being ready to attend any class for a while (it could be months because I expect my left shoulder to need surgery next.) I deleted the message regarding the where & when details. Sorry, I can’t tell you where this amazing piece will be taught – I believe it is a three day class held in September at a shop in Texas. This is one of those projects that gets into my head and I can’t seem to let it go. Maybe it will be offered again and I will have my chance.

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heigh-ho, it’s back to work I go. I am a part time employee and will be back to work today. The restrictions are: no pushing, no pulling,  no lifting,  no reaching. I am allowed to type and use a touch screen with my surgery side. Finding a good work height will be a challenge, there is no flexibility with the height of the keyboards (I work standing up) – I am short and the workstations are about 4 inches higher than i can use right now – the surgeon says try a stool.  If that doesn’t work, I will be one handed for awhile. It will be an adventure.

I have absolutely nothing to show for last week…  I started looking through eq8 and the DoYouEq blog. Wow, the possibilities!


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Do You EQ?

As I continue to be sidelined, I look for things that can be done with minimal right arm movement. This week I want to try to start learning EQ8. I have owned every version since EQ4 but failed to keep up. I have been using it at level not even remotely close to the potential it appears to have.

I have all the add on books with the most recent arriving via ups this week.

I just opened the package and immediately browsed the insert to see another book that will be released soon called Pieced Block Drawing. I must get busy and get some designing done so I am ready to justify buying the new book!

I expect the DoYouEQ website to help provide challenges and inspiration to get me back to eq designing.

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