The Border Matched …. Yippee!

This is my progress on Ann Roberts by Hands Across the Seas Samplers … I decided that making sure the border would match was a priority, and it did. It is a joy to stitch, the silks just glide through the fabric… truly addictive.

Ann Roberts 1842 – as of 06 September 20

Once again, my time has been split with my Millennium Falcon from Lego.

The picture is bit distorted, but I did include a yard stick to give an idea of the size of this ship. This is complete through step 877 out of 1379.

One more thing….

It is time to start thinking about my 2021 project list. Since I still am not able to use a floor frame (shoulder is still not strong enough) my projects will be things that I can do in hand. I have not yet tried knitting or crochet so not sure any will be included.

Cross stitch possibilities include the Monopoly Game Board, Loara Standish reproduction sampler, Mill Hill beaded pumpkins, Thea Gouverneur Jam Pots and Mustard Pots….

back to building the fleet.

Happy Labor Day! Stay Safe and Wear A Mask!

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