QS Christmas Presence – 45% Complete

christmas presence 29august2015QS Christmas Presence

Wow!  It really is Santa!

I continue to be totally focused on my Santa project.  The last couple of weeks were a slow go with all the color changes.  I am stitching this in groups of ten rows, the next group looks like it might go a bit faster with some areas with less confetti.

My quilting and knitting are calling to me … I must stitch faster…..

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3 Responses to QS Christmas Presence – 45% Complete

  1. This piece is going to be stunning when completed and your doing an incredible job. I have to admit I saw you post about this a little while ago before Santa really started to show his face and I had to race over to haed and get the pattern.

  2. This is looking so great! you must be so pleased with it.
    My current WIP is called Amethyst, you can see it on my blog here https://suziesewstoo.wordpress.com/category/cross-stitching/

    sorry, you did ask a few weeks ago about my WIP when I last commented on this piece of yours and I didn’t realise until today! I haven’t worked on my cross stitching for a couple of weeks but seeing how beautifully your piece is coming along has inspired me…….. 🙂

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