Autumn Acorn by EEF

autumn-acorn-finish-18jan2017-aAutumn Acorn – kit by EEF @ 1998

This is my first finish of 2017!

A cute little piece designed by Kam of ewe and eye and friends in 1998.  I bought this as a kit that included 36 count flax fields linen, floss and buttons.  It was stitched one strand of floss over two threads with the specialty stitchs being 4 by 4.   I am not sure if the floss is Anchor or DMC.  The design size is 43 by 43 with the finished size approximately 2 5/8 inches by 2 5/8 inches.

This was the day 15 start for the Cross Stitch Crazy 2017 Challenge.  Now back to the other starts — beginning with Maleficent since she in my HAED challenge piece.



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What? January 15 Already??!!

It seems impossible that it can possibly be 15 January 2017.

The Cross Stitch Crazy Challenge has been keeping me busy with the 15 new starts.  I started a variety of projects — small, medium, large, and huge…..   Of couse, size is relative….

These are pics of the first 13 projects..  I will clean them up and add detail after all 15 are started and have a bit more progress.

I did finish the yellow car seat blanket but still need bury the ends and block it.

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Project List for 2017

My 2017 project list – it just keeps growing.

Quilt for baby Cooper – must do!!
Pick a BOM from resource center and make top

Six bandages for DOVE – must do!!
Last 2 car seat blankies from kit.

Car seat blankies from new kit.
Pot holders / hot mats kit
Super Scarf

Finish Pat Thode Santa – only needs background.
St. Basil’s needs any attention
Cupcake – try to get half complete
Sundance rug – any progress is a must do.

Cross Stitch
Realm of Middle Earth (Tilton Crafts) – new start –  25,000 stitches
Catching the Breeze (haed) – 10,000 stitches
Emma Sampler – complete
Begin another repro sampler
Begin & complete one TIAG
Join HAED challenge starting 1/1/17 with SK Evil Queen aka Maleficent (in spite of saying I was not doing any more challenges)
Join Cross Stitch Crazy 2017 using 3 project above and an additional 12

Plastic Canvas
Halloween Witch Hat Coasters
Toaster Coasters

Other Projects
Bucilla felt – one set of ornaments & start a stocking
Felt Halloween Pillow from kit
Beaded ornaments – one set


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Happy Christmas to All!!

It will be a busy couple of days with stitching time at a premium.  Yesterday was cookie press cookies and cleaning.  Today is wrapping & baking with football as the entertainment!

I will try to squeeze some time in for my latest project.  This is the third of the set of car seat blankies that are the kit from Mary Maxim.yellow-blankie

This is my first ever attempt at cables and when I stay on task they work up great.  When I try to multi-task (like talk and knit at the same time) …. not so much. Wearing out the yarn is a real possibility.  I like the look though I don’t think all those strings and holes are great for a baby — at least not a newborn.  In all honesty, I will finish this because I am stubborn and can say I did it.  I can not imagine ever making another, but — never say never.

It should finish up at about 18″ by 19″.

Off to do some wrapping…

Merry Christmas!!


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Christmas Projects – Two Finishes!

This is my holiday scarf.  I knit it using red heart super saver yarn, K1P1 rib over 61 stitches.  The first stitch was slipped and the last stitch knit on every row.  I used 3 full skeins and the finish is 8″ by 87.5″.   The edges look smooth and the ends blend beautifully with the stitching.


This is a Christmas gift I made for my friend who is a big Michigan fan. Hope I got it right. Shhh… don’t tell!



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Holiday Stitching

There are never enough hours in the day once Thanksgiving arrives….  I have been busy with our Christmas decorations and have only worked on my scarf this past week.

It is just over half done at 42″ — I’m thinking the length should be  70 to 80 inches to make an “almost” super scarf. It is a little narrow and short for a super scarf but since I am small, it will be super sized on me.

Of course, I started it over from the last picture.  This version is knit with 61 stitches in k1p1 rib, I am slipping the first stitch knitwise and purling every last stitch.  It makes the edge look smooth and lovely. The knit width is 8″.



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More Stitching….

This morning I put away my Emma sampler.  It’s about one-third complete.  I have made numerous changes… some by accident some not.


This piece will be on my 2017 stitching list.

This is the second car seat blanket that I have knit.  (The first was sent off to my niece before I realized I never took a photo — it is likely that I will make another but a little larger. )   It is from a kit by Mary Maxim.



I felt like a needed a funky holiday scarf and started this today.  It will be knit in a K1, P1 rib.  I used the Alternate Cable Cast-On from – you can find it here.  I have used this in the past, it’s a little clumsy and slow to get in place but well worth the effort.


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Broncos Tissue Box Cover

Another fast, fun plastic canvas project….





This was finished a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to post pictures.  Go Broncos!

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Stitch, Stitch, Stitch

How much different can my projects be??

I forgot to post a progress picture last week — I spent a few days with my reproduction  project, Emma Elliot.  I want to give it more attention since it is stitching up so nice…..


When comparing the chart to the photo provided in the chart pack, there are a few charting variations.  That is the same as giving me permission to change the project in any way I choose.  I have made a couple of slight changes and will probably make more.  So… if you decide to stitch this project, pay attention to the photo from the chart pack if you want a more accurate reproduction.

After putting Emma away, I found some ideas for a plastic canvas project.  This is my current project that I hope to finish in a day or two….


A large tissue box cover in plastic canvas, Broncos style.

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Knit & Crochet – Baby Blankies and more…. *** Update 10/23/16 Bandage Brigade Continues ***


This cute little blanket was made with one ball of Baby Blankie in color citrus fruits by Mary Maxim using their Rolling Ripple pattern.  The pattern is free and uses one ball of yarn, finished size is about 24″ by 28″.  This was my evening project in September and in October I started this sweet tiny blanket …


it is designed to be a car seat blankie and should finish about 17″ by 19″.  It is from a Mary Maxim kit that has four skeins of Mary Maxim Baby Value Yarn and patterns for 4 different knit blankies.  They also have this kit in a crochet version — I think I need it.

Another finish!!  This was finished a while ago but sat patiently waiting for me to sew on the pocket.  It is called My Constant Companion designed by Janet Scanlon and published in Knitter’s Stash: Favorite Patterns from America’s Yarn Shops.  The yarn is from Brown Sheep.


And last for today….

I am happy to say that I completed seven bandages for the Dove Bandage Brigade over the past year. I sent the bandages off at the beginning of the month but had not actually paid that much attention to the blog – it has not been updated since January 2016.  Since I have encouraged others to make these I have sent a note to the coordinator to learn if there continues to be a need for the bandages.

***I have already received a reply and the Bandage Brigade is quite busy and the need for bandages continues.  23 October 2016 @ 5:58 PST (AZ).  ***

In the meantime, I will continue with baby blankies…. I plan to send a couple to my niece who has an absolutely beautiful infant baby boy.  After that I will be donating to Project Linus or my local Children’s Hospital.


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