And I continue to organize and go to physical therapy.  It is safe to say that I will not have any new projects for the tree since I’m still not allowed to stitch/craft.  Better luck next week!!

As boring as the inventory process is, it’s already fun to go to my pinterest and see all of the options in my resource center.  I still have to add most of the sampler kits, a bunch of painted needlepoint canvases, several np kits and lots and lots of charts…. and then there are the quilt kits and all of the needlework books.  The quilt kits will be last since the totes are too heavy for my shoulder to manage.

Since I can’t stitch I will plan…

For 2018 I would like to get a couple of large projects completed along with several smaller pieces including:

The Quilt Show Block of the Month 2017.  This is a mock up of the quilt using the batik fabrics available as a kit… I have my kit and am ready to go!

One of Genny Morrow’s counted needlepoint projects — I haven’t decided which one but these are my top choices…

a tree for all seasons


Wheels of ColorWheels of Color


Poseidon’s Star (by comparison, it is small)poseidon's star

And I need to add in at least one sampler, one pat thode np project and ????


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Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzle

This week was filled with decorating for Christmas. I think everything is out of storage and in place … just need to decorate the tree.

Since I am still not crafting I decided to do a jigsaw puzzle.

This is a Star Wars photomosaic of R2-D2. It has been in the closet for a couple of years. I was thrilled to find it and bought two others from this series. It took a couple of weeks to complete it and the last few days I got a little obsessed. This was my first puzzle of this style and it was like a job that I didn’t want to do. I like the result but not sure I will ever do the others. Next puzzle will be this….

looks like it will be fun!

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So….. instead of stitching,

or knitting or another fun craft activity, I am still sidelined with a shoulder injury. Physical therapy next week and hopefully a solution will follow. Until then I will continue with “inventory”.

I have been trying to organize my projects and supplies – to catalog what I have and know where I can find it. I am using Pinterest but don’t know how to link my blog. This is a link to a Google search that might get to my Pinterest.

I want to get back to crafting!

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Felted Wool Pincushion

A quick and cute project that I made yesterday. This was a kit that I picked up during a Phoenix shop hop at a now closed shop called the The Quilted Apple.

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quilting and cross stitch

Blocks one through six are complete for Mama’s Little Shortcuts and it is great how they are coming together so nicely. As I get the fabrics ready for each block, I usually poo-poo at least one but have used what was in the kit. I did have a miscut and had to substitute and had one fabric missing in another. All is going along well!

After my enthaustic reverse knitting (aka ripping out) my shoulder was super sore and I decided to go to a cross stitch project for a while as things calmed down….

This is from a Vervaco kit called Christmas elves. It is one of three bags in the kit that are stitched on pre-made sachet bags. I don’t really like the fabric – 18 count aida. In my opinion it is not good quality and having it prefinished is nice but it makes it a little harder to stitch with.

I also spent time with Haed’s SK Evil Queen. This is about one quarter complete.

My shoulder hurt enough that I went to see my doctor and learned that I have shoulder tendonitis… she gave me exercises and expects it to feel good quite soon. Use it or lose it!

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Mama’s Little Shortcuts

These blocks are looking great!

and blocks 3 and 4 combine to make ….

My latest knit project is a small throw, I think. This started as the “simple striped blanket ” from Lion Brand but smaller since I wanted it in one color way and they only had 3 balls of yarn at the store. It was a fail as the garter border kept folding up and the edges went wonky. This is my latest restart – this time I am using a pattern from Plymouth yarn called “baby angel”. I am using Mandala yarn color chimera, size 5 needles and I cast on 228 stitches (the pattern calls for 108).

This is 19 rows, and no it is not complicated enough to call for all those markers — lazy me wants to work this with minimal looking and counting.

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Spider Web Afghan Finish

Great project that I finished on Monday.  It still came out a little tighter than expected, if I make another in this style I will definitely try a hook size “J”.

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Spider Web Afghan

This past week I finished 28 rounds of the Spider Web Afghan and was not happy with the results.  It looks like an island volcano.

spider web volcano 7oct2017

I didn’t realize how much the ends were curling and so I decided it was past time to check the gauge to the pattern…  that was somewhat helpful.  The yarn is Herrschners Worsted 8 – a medium weight worsted – the recommended hook is “H”.  The gauge on the pattern says 12 dc and 14 rows = 4 inches. Clearly, the 14 rows is wrong.  My stitches were a bit tighter at about 14 dc = 4 inches.

Time for a new start of the afghan.  This time I am using a hook size “I”.  This pic is from earlier this morning but as of the moment I am on round 18 and it is quite flat.  So glad I decided on a re-start.

spider web restart 7oct2017

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Mama’s Little Shortcuts & Halloween Afghan

I just finished block #1, Woodpile of the 30’s version of Mama’s Little Shortcuts.  I like it…

mls 30s woodpileMama’s Little Shortcuts, Block #1

Another new project that I started is a crochet afghan.  This is a kit I got from Herrschners called Spider Web Afghan.  I really don’t like projects that have color changes and with just black and white it is minimal — I think I can handle it but we shall see.

spider web afghan 29sep2017Spider Web Afghan


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Mama’s Little Shortcuts – BOM

This is my latest project —  it is another oldie that is sure to be fun to make.

mams's little shortcuts bom pic

Mama’s Little Shortcuts is a 1998 BOM from Atkinson Designs.  The designer, Terry Atkinson knows how to make things easy and I have been a fan of her designs for years.  I own most of her quilt books and many of the patterns.  Since my crafty attention tends to go to sparkly new projects, I have only finished one of her designs, Yellow Brick Road – completed entirely in Moda Dots.  You can see it here.  (Yes, that is me on a short trial of blogspot.)

Here is Mama’s Little Shortcuts, block #1 Woodpile.

mls block 1 23sep2017

There were two fabric options available from the shop where I bought this — traditional and 30’s.  This was the option with traditional/rustic fabric.  After seeing it in person at the shop, I ended up buying both fabric packs each month.  Next up the 30’s version of block #1.

It should look something like this:

mls 30s

The other big project I started this week is doing an inventory of my quilt and felt kits.  I seem to have a problem — I am addicted to the Bucilla felt kits, I buy them all and I have never even finished one.  I guess it is a collection.  You can see my collection here on my Pinterest page.  Eventually, I will take pics of my quilt kits, needlepoint kits / canvases, cross stitch and such …. it’s a work in progress.


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