Shopping Therapy

So…. this shoulder thing seems to be a baby step progression — with an occasional backslide. I am currently coming back from a backslide and what better way to feel better than a little therapy — shopping therapy.

With less than 15 minutes of crafting this week I have no progress to show but I did order this from Herrschners / Willow Yarns last night.

measure tape bracelet

Super cute accessory for crafting — a tape measure bracelet!

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Making Blankets

This is my current knit blanket project–

bfbr blanket one

this is a restart of the project.  I am using two strands of worsted on size 10 needles.  I have no idea what the finished size will be … I intend for it to be baby elephant blanket but it seems much wider than I expected so it could be a baby rhino blanket.  I am stitching with Caron Jumbo and Red Heart super saver jumbo.

This one was started as a baby rhino blanket but with my shoulder injury I am finding that crochet is not my friend.
crochet bfbhIt will be put away for awhile as I continue to heal.  The final size will be about 48 in by 48 in. I am stitch with Caron Jumbo.

Not particularly thrilled with either yarn, I know they will soften up after use and washing but they are quite stiff to work with.  On the flip side, I love the fact that neither of them split as I am using them.

I am anxious to get back to my needlepoint.. soon!!


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So Excited – Lady Maud Foxley

Screenshot-2018-1-22 Lady Maud Foxley Gault Designs Needlepoint Pattern Leaflet NEW RARE eBay

I have wanted this chart for quite some and had an active search on ebay for about two years.  It finally popped up last weekend and arrived a few days later.  I am excited to begin thinking about my “adaptation”.

This week was devoted to work related activities and not much crafting…

In my typical style, I have ripped and restarted my latest blanket and hope to get a least a few rows re-done this week.

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Knit & Crochet – New Projects

This part week I experimented with a couple of new projects. This is an afghan that will hopefully be throw size. I am using my new needles and worsted weight held double. The pattern is based on Stylish Squares by Susan Hanlon on Ravelry.

Just a few rows done but it should go fast, even with limited crafty time.

Next is a Continuous Granny that I started yesterday.

The pattern I’m using is called Joy’s Journey by Look At What I Made. I am using worsted weight yarn and a brand new hook.

Both blankets are intended to go to Blankets for Baby Rhinos. What a great cause!

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Annual Project Goals – 2018

I have been dreaming of all the projects I will work on in 2018!

My evenings will be all about knitting and crocheting blankets (afghans) and my days will be spent with cross stitch, needlepoint, and a variety of sewing projects.

Wish List:
-complete one baby elephant blanket and one baby rhino blanket (hopefully more)
-complete one Christmas super scarf for Kendra

-piece the top for the Halo Medallion quilt from the Quilt Show BOM

-complete the equivalent of one page from Tilton’s Map of Middle Earth (xs)
-complete the equivalent of one page from HAED’s Catching the Breeze (xs)
-complete 3 Mill Hill beaded kits (xs & beading)
-start Jam Jars from Vervaco (xs)

-some progress on Carole Lake’s St Basil’s Cathedral (needlepoint)
-start (& finish?) Pat Thode’s Halloween house (needlepoint)

ok, maybe one more afghan like the header picture in grey heather.

At 30 minutes a day this is impossible!! Hope my shoulder heals quickly:)

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New Year – New Projects

What?? 2018 already?!?   I was definitely hoping that I would be ready for some serious crafting by now — 20 minutes a day is better than nothing but very close to nothing.

Do you get the emails from Lion Brand Yarn?  They sent out a story about a group called Blankets for Baby Rhinos as part of their Crafting for a Cause series of stories.  I am totally in — as soon as my shoulder mends.  I can’t wait to post progress pictures of a new blanket on my new needles!!  I plan to use Caron Jumbo in Spicy Ombre…caron spicy ombre

…using this freebie Striped Blanket Knit pattern from Bernat without the color changes and modifying the size to about 36 inches by 60 inches.

It is past time to clean up the links for the free patterns.  So as I organize my resources I will be updating the project links.

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Merry Christmas!

It was a great Christmas Day here!

I am super excited about the gift I received from my children..

knit needle set

this is the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz Interchangeable Deluxe knitting needle set.  Time for a new project!

And with great timing, my shoulder is finally starting to respond and I am allowed to knit for a few minutes each day as my shoulder is tested.  This is the project that has been on my needles since October — I am using Lion Brand Mandela with size US 5 needles.first mandela project


As a result of my limited crafting, I continue to puzzle.  I ordered and completed this nice Christmas puzzle.xmas puzzle

This is a Eurographics puzzle called Christmas Ornaments – 1000 pieces and the format made it super fun, it was finished on Christmas Eve.  I usually don’t make a puzzle more than once but I think I need to keep it just in case it needs an encore visit.

And yes…. I baked cookies on friday and saturday.  Double batches of peanut butter and cookie press and a single batch of pizzelles.  I wanted to do plain peanut butter and some peanut butter blossoms so I searched online for the difference in the recipe for each – I ended up using the pb cookie recipe in the Better Homes & Garden Cookbook circa 1972(ish) for both.  What I found online was the idea that instead of a Hershey kiss in the middle using a bite size Reese peanut butter cup…genius!!

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And I’m still not stitching….

The inventory of projects has continued – it is still boring.  But it is fun to look at my pinterest and see much of my stash and remind myself of projects that I  want to make and that I really do not need to buy anything else … ever.  Not like that will happen!!

It  did help me find another project to add to my 2018 stitch list: Basil’s Cathedral – counted thread needlepoint

This week, when I’m not working I plan to bake.  My plan is to make at least 4 maybe 5 different cookies.  Everyone gets to pick one thing that they would like me to bake.  Only my dear husband has selected his cookie — cookie press cookies (aka spritz or vanilla treats).   I will predict the others will be pizzelle, 7-layer, peanut butter, or snowballs.  If there are lemons on the tree, I will pick lemon bars — or snickerdoodles.


Now for some jigsaw puzzle fun!


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And I continue to organize and go to physical therapy.  It is safe to say that I will not have any new projects for the tree since I’m still not allowed to stitch/craft.  Better luck next week!!

As boring as the inventory process is, it’s already fun to go to my pinterest and see all of the options in my resource center.  I still have to add most of the sampler kits, a bunch of painted needlepoint canvases, several np kits and lots and lots of charts…. and then there are the quilt kits and all of the needlework books.  The quilt kits will be last since the totes are too heavy for my shoulder to manage.

Since I can’t stitch I will plan…

For 2018 I would like to get a couple of large projects completed along with several smaller pieces including:

The Quilt Show Block of the Month 2017.  This is a mock up of the quilt using the batik fabrics available as a kit… I have my kit and am ready to go!

One of Genny Morrow’s counted needlepoint projects — I haven’t decided which one but these are my top choices…

a tree for all seasons


Wheels of ColorWheels of Color


Poseidon’s Star (by comparison, it is small)poseidon's star

And I need to add in at least one sampler, one pat thode np project and ????


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Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzle

This week was filled with decorating for Christmas. I think everything is out of storage and in place … just need to decorate the tree.

Since I am still not crafting I decided to do a jigsaw puzzle.

This is a Star Wars photomosaic of R2-D2. It has been in the closet for a couple of years. I was thrilled to find it and bought two others from this series. It took a couple of weeks to complete it and the last few days I got a little obsessed. This was my first puzzle of this style and it was like a job that I didn’t want to do. I like the result but not sure I will ever do the others. Next puzzle will be this….

looks like it will be fun!

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