Shepherd’s Bush Millennium Fob

I’m finally getting back to some stitching and the super cute Millennium Scissor Fob is my current project.

This is a kit from 2000 and even though I totally missed the timing, I still plan to put the year as 2000. Somewhere in my resource center I have the Ginger scissors that Shepherd’s Bush coordinated to be specially engraved to celebrate the millennium – I will try to post a pic next week. That being said, the back of this fob kit is blank and presents the perfect opportunity to stitch the current date with my name. Better late than never.

My sad shoulders seem to prefer working in hand rather than on a frame…. a real change for me. That means that as I continue to heal I plan to work on small projects. Even with a timer at 10 minutes a session, stitching does wonders for my wellbeing!

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BB8 Makes The Cutest Needle Minder Ever!

Last year my daughter gave me a card that had a cute enamel badge of BB8 on the front. I knew I had to to something with it … I just didn’t know what until I started noticing the variety of fun needle minders available.

After buying some rare earth magnets and some E6000 glue I made this!!

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Margaret Gibson – A New Start on a Beautiful Sampler but What The Heck?

Scottish samplers are some of the most beautiful examples of schoolgirl embroidery. My latest new start is Margaret Gibson 1839 (copyright 1996 The Scarlet Letter).

This is a photo of the finished sampler reproduction.

I have never finished a sampler from this company although I own several. This piece will be a challenge for anyone new to stitching. It is rated as beginning to intermediate by the company but that is not the challenge I am referring to.

I bought this piece as a kit, 40 count linen with AVAS silk, current price is $120. After mounting the fabric on a scroll frame I wanted to mark the upper right starting point (I tend to stitch large pieces from top right, across and down). There was not a stitch count provided, I have had this kit for years so I assumed that oversight was corrected and posted on the website description …. nope. Going to the chart I started counting and marking the chart, the count on the left was different than the right – how could that be possible? On the chart there is item ‘E’. On the instructions, item ‘E’ states: “There is a gap of two squares in the graph which is an error. Close the gap..[etc.]”. Really? Well, yes. The graph is one large page that is a poorly done cut and paste.

After finding the stitch count to be 355 by 244, I marked my top right starting point by counting from center to be sure the fabric was big enough. I was surprised to find I had 3.25 inch side margins and 2.25 inch top and bottom margins. Not ideal, but adequate. It did make me curious about the sides since The Scarlet Letter is not know for generous fabric cuts – 2 inch is standard. After more counting I found the 40 count linen is not evenweave, it is actually 40 threads vertically and 43 horizontally. I can live with that, but it is still surprising.

Time to sort the threads, what could go wrong there? There is a double asterisk on the instruction page “Silk numbers supplied may vary from the numbers listed due to certain dyelots changing or being discontinued”. In my kit there were two substitutions. Again, really? She couldn’t even put in a note or in some way notate the new numbers?

I have started stitching and will continue to document my journey. This is my “Maggie”:

Progress will be a bit slow since I am having a major flare up from right shoulder surgery and the left shoulder is scheduled for next month.

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My Pink House by Ewe and Eye and Friends

The past week I worked on an old project that I started around 2000.

These are the before and after pictures of My Pink House from EEF.



This is a photo of the finished piece that I found at The Pampered Stitcher at etsy:

I’m thinking that this might have been one of the Black Sheep kits that were sold by Ewe and Eye and Friends in their store. The fabric is a hand dyed 35 count linen, threads are DMC. I think this is such a sweet sampler but for some reason I can’t stick with it. I fixed the placement of letter ‘g’, added a dividing band and started the last section of the alphabet. Back in the box until??

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Star Wars Stitching

For the past few weeks I have been busy stitching a series of Star Wars themed ornaments from dinosaurspaceshop on etsy.

These come out great and are another fun and easy stitch. There are six patterns but I stitched the death star twice, I didn’t plan on doing that but…. when I started this project I did not reference the color photo and made the assumption that the darkest color in the design was also the darkest symbol. Not exactly, but I do like having a light and a dark version. I also changed colors on the light death star since my dyelot of DMC 3023 was much lighter than the color card, I simply made each successive color a bit darker and am pleased with the contrast. They are all stitched on 28 count ivory jubilee with DMC, 2 over 2.

I plan to to finish them in 3″ hoops. I was unable to find the 3″ size locally (Joann and Hobby Lobby) and found the perfect hoops online.

I am amazed with the quality and price of the hoops. They are by far the smoothest I have seen without spending alot – 12 for $10. You can find them here.

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Mew Mew aka Mjölnir Stitching

I just put the final stitches in on “Mew Mew” – it came out great! Next step will be to go to the craft store to find ribbon to wrap the 4″ wooden hoop. I also need to decide how to back the cross stitch and complete the finishing.

Next up …. another small project … or … a sampler … or …

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Mew Mew – The Hammer of Thor in Cross Stitch

My latest project was a gift from my daughter – Mew Mew, what fun!

Mew Mew in progress as of 16 March 2019

This is my progress after a few days (slow stitcher, remember!). I am stitching the piece two over two on 28 count ivory jubilee. The design is 44 by 27 and will fit into a 4 inch round frame that I intend to finish in way similar to the designer.

Image from Unexpected Hobby at etsy

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Christmas Cookies Cross Stitch is Finished

I did it! I was hoping to finish the stitching on this fun piece before February was over and I put in the final stitches last night (February 28). It is my first cross stitch finish since my shoulder got mad at me in October 2017.

This was stitched on 40 count linen one over two using DMC. If it looks like the photo has distorted the piece, maybe …. but …. turns out the linen is not a true evenweave. The finished stitched size is about 3.75 inches by 4 inches – the design size is 81 x 81 stitches.

The lesson learned is that the next time I am stitching something that the finished size is a true square, I will check the fabric in both directions.

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Oh My Gosh! I Am Stitching!!

It is well established that I am a remarkably slow stitcher. I am hoping that I will complete the stitching on this super cute piece “Christmas Cookies” by the end of February.

I truly enjoy stitching with a single color and this piece is just plain fun.

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Stitch, Stitch and Stitch….

Things are improving with my shoulder. Now to keep that going in the right direction.

It seems that my shoulder happy place is with cross stitch. Knitting is still a challenge, needlepoint is ok but cross stitch is good.

I have been working on this cute piece…

This is Christmas Cookies by Mary Garry’s Sewing Cabin. Stitching is on 40 count linen, one over two with dmc 221.

My stitching time is currently limited, I am stitching for about 10-15 minutes then I break for a minimum of one hour.

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