Sled Ornament Finishes & The 2023 Project List

The Sled Ornaments are absolutely adorable. I finished 5 in total (you have already seen the penguin but he wanted to be in the photo). The penguin, red house and snowman are from the same leaflet, Snowy Sleds. The pink house is from Home for the Holidays and the mouse is from the Night Before Christmas. All of the patterns are by Lizzie Kate.

Another lesson learned is …. when you are mounting the cross stitch, after you have applied the stitchers tape, be sure cut the paper close to the edge rather than down the middle of the holes. It will give the ornament a little more of a polished finish and keep the tape from reflecting through the holes.

The 2023 List – with pictures!

Snippets Sled Ornaments by Lizzie Kate – wip
A Dutch Beauty Sampler by Permin – wip
Margaret Gibson Sampler by Scarlet Letter – wip
Houses of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House – new
Rhode Island Reds from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts – new
Monday Meddler from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts – wip
Let Freedom Ring by Lila’s Studio – new
Country Living from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts – new
Colonial Windowbox from Hearts Contentwip
Birthday Wish by Ewe & Eye & Friends – wip
Teddy Bear Stocking by TS – wip
Elephant by TS – wip
Creation Series – Day One by Erhman – new
Poseidon’s Star by Genny Morrow – new
Beaded Scissors Tassels by Ruthmarie Hofman – new
No Sew Quilt Ornaments by Pattern Please – new
Rolling Ripple Baby Afghan by Mary Maxim – wip


R2D2 by Lego – wip

Dumbledore’s Office by Lego – new
Titanic by Lego – new

Additional ships for my fleet by Lego – new – pics to come.

There is not a doubt that the list will be changed up as the year progresses. There are Christmas Legos that are not on the list and cross stitch wips that are missing, oh well!

On to 2023 ……

Stay safe, wear a mask and get your vaccines!

Happy New Year!!

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