It’s an Ornament!

I just finished my first sled ornament….

This is a Lizzie Kate Snippet design called Snowy Sleds (#S129). The chart calls for Weeks Dye Works threads but I used DMC floss. I stitched using 3 strands on 14 count brown perforated paper (as stated in the instructions).

The sled is from Foxwood Crossings and I bought a dozen of them, good thing I like the finished ornament!

The designer gives 2 options for finishing the sleds. I chose option one, using Stitchery Tape. I cut the ornament out before applying the tape and that was a bad move. The instructions specifically say to attach the tape before cutting out the ornament that probably makes it much easier. I will definitely do that for the next finish.

The second option is to use white glue but I would think that might be a little more of a challenge to make sure that the glue doesn’t leak to the front.

My other project this week has been sorting the piles of floss that I have accumulated over the years – I have been calling it The Floss Project. This was a result of a reality check about full coverage cross stitch pieces. I have completed a few but they are all smaller pieces or minis. (Technically, I think the sleds are full coverage.)

Of all of the full coverage large pieces I have had kitted up, only 4 made the final cut. The Map of Middle Earth (started), Master / Yoda (started) and Dark Force / Darth Vader (not started) – all from Tilton. The fourth is Paul Revere’s Ride (not started) from Scarlet Quince. I have two Heaven and Earth projects in progress that are both storykeeps, Maleficent and Trick or Treat.

I am sorting all the floss and I will list it on auction on ebay in bags of maybe 40 for $5 or 75 for $10. It will depend on the cost to mail and what stitchers are willing to bid.

I still have many Bucilla kits to list and am almost done listing Dimensions Needlepoint kits and plastic canvas kits! I’m glad to have some empty storage boxes.

Stay safe, get you vaccines and wear a mask!

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