Ornament Stitching, Lego Building, ebay

I seem to have a thing about “cutting” stitching for projects. In the past I totally quit doing hardanger because of my fear of cutting and this has continued with ornament finishing. They could be on fabric or on paper but I just can’t seem to cut them. So…. I have ordered new scissors for cutting the paper projects and will take the plunge in a day or so.

Building with Lego was a great alternative to getting my ornaments done.

This is my finish of Hogsmead Village and it is cuter in person than you can imagine! It was a very relaxing build, probably since it is designed for 8+ years of age. I do think the stickers could be a bit of a challenge for that age. Fun, cute and I really wanted a McGonagall minifig!

The resource center purge continues and so I still spend a lot of time with ebay. The Dimensions needlepoint kits and plastic canvas kits are almost gone. I will be listing Bucilla felt kits for another few months and this week I started listing bead and sequin kits.

Stay safe, get immunized and wear a mask!

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