Lego’s, Mill Hill, and Beaded Bell

This is a giant reminder to self ….. a small hammer is your friend, switch mill hill kits to fabric, and do not make beaded bells ever again.

This is my latest Lego finish, Diagon Alley. Using a small hammer to help with building is fabulous, especially with larger pieces.

Next is another Mill Hill finish, this is Taboo Kitty. I followed all the stated instructions but got frustrated with how tight it got on the back. Using 3 strands meant no loop start. I might try two strands on the paper in future but I will probably abandon the paper and stitch on fabric. I like the ability to “finish” the Mill Hill kits just by backing with felt and cutting them out. Now I need to find a stabilizer (maybe clear glue??) to put on the back of fabric and cut just like the paper.

Last finish is a Beaded Bell. This is from an old Mary Maxim kit. It think it came out alright, I’m sure that after you make a couple it will finish a bit more even. This is definitely not a craft for me, it too hard on my shoulders trying to keep the beads tight.

Stay safe, wear a mask, get you vaccine!

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