Mill Hill Kits – Fast and Fun

It is so great to have a finish! This is Carmel Apple, one of the Mill Hill kits that combines cross stitch with beading and the results are wonderful. Don’t you just love the tassels? It has a finished size of 1.75 inches by 3 inches.

For the finishing I will probably cut it out and back it with felt and add a hanger. But I’m still not sure so on to the next Mill Hill.

This is Taboo Kitty, the finished size will be 1.75 inches by 3.23 inches.

If you are new to Mill Hill kits, go check out the hundreds of pieces that are available. They make them for every day and every holiday.

One of the best (and inexpensive) stitching accessories you will want is a “Tacky Bill” or “Tacky BOB”. I bought one years ago and it is called a Tacky BOB, the BOB stands for Box fOr Beads. It is basically a small cd holder with some type of acid free adhesive tape on the insides of the open case. You pour your beads on and are able to easily lift them off with your needle to stitch. When you drop the case, and you know it will happen, the beads won’t scatter.

Stay safe, wear a mask and get your vaccines!

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