Summer Stitching

The start of summer tells me I need to stitch summer scenes and icons but I really want to work on things for fall. Of course, that will be after I finish America Land That We Love.

#altwl as of 29june2022

The state of Washington should be finished today. With three additional states, the bottom border and signature blocks a finish in July is my goal!!

As one of the worlds slowest stitchers, I will be absolutely delighted if I can finish a few Mill Hill kits for the season. I pulled these kits from my resource center and they are at the top of my list. Small and fun…

Another summer start I am planning is the first canvas in the Days of Creation series from Ehrman. This is the canvas from Day One: Light. It looks like the registration is off by a couple of threads, I will run a thread across the bottom and up the side to count it out and see exactly what I am working with. According to the instructions that came with the kit, if it is more than 2 holes out of true it should be returned for a replacement. I will check the registration after ALTWL is finished and cross my fingers.

Stay safe! Wear a mask and get you vaccines!

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