The End Is Near …. New Beginnings Are Soon

The finish for America Land That We Love is getting close. South Dakota is state number 41 and is it almost done. That leaves nine states, two signature blocks and the bottom banner. It sounds like a lot when I lay it out, but in reality there are about 5000ish stitches. Okay, that is quite a bit.

If I can finish one state every 3 days, I should be done before July is over.

After America Land That We Love is done, I plan to do some smaller projects. I have several Mill Hill kits that will be perfect. Then, it will be time to start the Ehrman needlepoint series by Alex Beattie called Creation. Pictures to come!!

Since May was a tough month with all kinds of activity (not stitching related), I have fallen away from the Magical Stitch Facebook group. I did finish reading the book series that the group is using this year, the Embroidery Series by Amanda Lee. The books got better as the series continued but it is not something I would recommend. Yes it is a story, but really,Tullulah Falls has more murders than Cabot Cove! That being said, I have not yet found a “stitching” series that I really like. There are many books out there that stitching and quilting friends swoon over but I don’t get it. Give me Agatha Christie, J.K. Rowling or so many others!

Stay safe, get your immunizations and wear a mask!

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