America Land That We Love – Stitch! Stitch! Stitch!

The title says it all. I am mentally ready to move on so I am stitching almost exclusively on America Land That We Love. The lone exception is the DMC challenge.

It looks fabulous!! I have caught up and am a little ahead of the schedule. I am stitching Ohio which is week 36 (state 35), this is currently week 32 of 52. My hope is to complete two states every week, that would have me finishing in June.

America Land That We Love by Jean Farish

When I look at the group posts, I saw someone stitched all the box frames first and I toyed with that idea. I will continue on, stitching each state in total before I move on the the next. The actual box is a nice area of mindless cross stitch or back stitch that I look forward to, not enough to get bored but enough to show some progress with little effort.

The hearts in the signature boxes are probably going to remain hearts but I continue to look for other ideas. That is something I will ask Jean about at the next zoom meeting, I will see if she has any ideas.

I don’t have a pic of the DMC 52 week challenge, next time. It is starting to look even more ridiculous than it did before. It will be something for future generations so say “What in the world was she thinking?”

I have made no progress on my current Lego, Diagon Alley. Suffice it to say my shoulders have been sad. Maybe next week.

Stay safe, wear your mask and get you vaccine and boosters! I got my second booster last week and continue to wear my mask!!

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