Cross Stitch #ALTWL and Legos

The majority of my crafty time is spent with cross stitch and at least one day a week building legos. I have made some great progress on both!!

Welcome to Diagon Alley….

Diagon Alley – Building Set 2 (front)
Diagon Alley – Building Set 2 (back)
Diagon Alley – Building Set 3 (front in progress)
Diagon Alley – Building Set 3 (back in progress)

Building Diagon Alley has been fun! Building set 2 has Quality Quidditch and the Daily Prophet and is complete, I did have to make an adjustment as I was writing this entry. It wasn’t until I was editing the photo for the blog that I noticed that the building sign read “Quidditch Quality” rather than Quaility Quidditch. I continue to be amazed at what I see that is captured by a camera. It has been finished for a couple of weeks and no one noticed!

Building set 3 is still in progress and should be finished this week on Lego building day (usually Sunday). The great details are always a surprise! Set 3 includes Florean Fortesuce’s Ice Cream Parlor and Flourish & Blotts.

Becoming a single project stitcher is not usually my mode of operation but I feel I must do that to keep from having America Land That We Love (#ALTWL) dominate the rest of the year. I am currently stitching New Jersey, state number 30. I expect to have it completed today.

I am already thinking about the corner blocks that will have my name and the date the piece is completed. The issue is the hearts….. I changed the hearts in the top banner to stars and really like the change. For comparison, this is the piece finished by the designer, Jean Farish..

In the corner blocks at the bottom she uses hearts to fill out the block and I really don’t think I want to use them. At the moment I plan to use my full name for two rows in the left block and the date and location (two rows) in the right block, no hearts. Perhaps it will look fine with two full rows….. but if it needs something else there is no room for a decent star. I have a few weeks before I get there.

Stay safe. Wear a mask and get your booster(s).

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