Springing Into Organizing

When spring arrives my internal clock seems to want to organize. Usually I can keep it small, contained and short. Like most stitchers, I have more projects than can be finished in multiple lifetimes. This is how it starts….

I should have taken pictures of the totes when they were open and spilled all over the room as I sorted and cataloged. It is overwhelming! After a few days into the project, my son suggested that I add a qr code to each tote that links it to a list of the contents. Great idea!?! Well, yes it is. But…. it requires quite a bit of time to list each and every item. I know this because I started with bound needlepoint project books and I am now sure that it could take me a year!

A past organizing project included taking a photo of each item and posting it to my pinterest. It created a fun way to look at the contents of my resource center (aka stash). Unfortunately, I failed to put a title or description on many items and that makes it impossible to do a decent search. Even after adding titles and locations, the search feature is lacking, making the qr idea more attractive. If you want to take a look at my pinterest you will find it here.

My goal is to get the contents listed and be able to cross reference from the totes to my pinterest in a more usable way.

I did complete a couple more states on America Land That We Love (Jean Farrish) and am working on Michigan, week 23 of the sal. Having a finish for each state feels like a little party, they are coming out so nice.

As my oldest (translate as oldest accessible) wip, My Pink House (Ewe & I & Friends) is looking wonderful. I was really concerned about the pale color selection. Even though the instructions for all EEF projects state to use one strand, most of my recent projects are stitched using two strands of floss on everything but 40 count. This kit came with 35 count linen, if I started it today, I would definitely use 2 strands. I like the coverage a little plump.

The DMC project is quite a funky sight…

Time to get back to stitching…

Stay safe, wear a mask and get your vaccine.

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