Still Stitching … No Finish In Sight

The projects continue on…

This is my progress on America Land That We Love. I had stalled a little but am back to finishing at least one state per week and trying for more. I am currently on Maryland which was week 21. That puts me about 5 weeks behind. I am stitching with the Facebook group, Magical Stitches Mystery Year and as a result I am using many of the prompts that keep projects in rotation. With ALTWL, there are so many different elements in the design, it fits many of the prompts.

America Land That We Love as of 8 March 2022

This is the comparison that shows just how much is added with minimal backstitch. The top is before backstitch, the bottom is after

I am hopeful that I will finish My Pink House in 2022 since I put the date on the sampler! The Magical Stitches group has an out if you don’t have a project that fits the prompt, you can either stitch on your oldest WIP or stitch on anything you want with an additional 100 stitches. This is the oldest WIP I could find. I’m certain that there are a couple older needlepoint projects but for cross stitch I think this is it.

Lego building continues with Diagon Alley. This first amazing section is complete …

Stay safe by wearing a mask and getting your vaccine!

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