Progress is Great!

The choices I have selected this year are really nice but I want a finish! America Land That We Love is coming along nicely but I am still several states behind the stitch a long schedule. This is week 24 for the SAL but I am at week 17. I am finishing up Kansas and only have back stitch left. As much as I mentally complain about back stitching it really makes the blocks pop! I will post a side by side of Kansas in the next post.

My Pink House is looking sweet. I think I am finished making changes and am back to following the pattern. I really tend to gravitate to pastels and that is likely what drew me to this kit. It looks lovely up close, but from a distance one of the colors totally fades into the background. I will not be ripping to change the color. All in all, I am content with how it looks. The camera has not been able to capture the true colors of this piece, the fabric is a pale green and the alphabet is stitched in shades of mauve, border and dividing band are greens.

I have continued on with the DMC 52/52 challenge. The sampler feels like a wonderful choice for this challenge and I can’t wait to see the funky finish. I expect that I will finish this sampler at about 25 colors and plan to stitch another simple sampler for the remaining colors.

Diagon Alley looks fabulous, the detail is so much fun. I work on it on Sundays only, I am definitely dragging it out but am really enjoying the journey.

Stay safe by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask!!

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