The Beauty of Samplers ….

There are great opportunities with stitching schoolgirl samplers. Every stitcher has the ability to either make it a true reproduction or to make it their own. Some of my stitcher friends would never consider changing a single stitch and agonize over any mistake. I find samplers a joy to stitch and mistakes are are often an opportunity for me to attempt to make the mistake blend into to original design. And so it goes …

This is my progress on Ann this week, not much but at least some. Her tree is fabulous, needless to say, it is not a perfect match to what Ann stitched. I think it looks so great!!

In anticipation of the release of Season 2 of the Mandalorian, I pulled out Lego BrickHeadz kit 75317. It has the Mandalorian and The Child…. cute!

This morning I started an addition to my fleet. This is the Razor Crest, Lego kit 75292. There are 1023 pieces so it will be a much shorter build than the Falcon.

This is the package ….

Stay safe and be sure to vote!!

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