Christmas In July Continues

Christmas In July is almost over… today is the last day for the Hallmark Christmas movie marathon .. I have totally enjoyed those sappy, silly movies!

I have spent all of my limited crafty time working on the Bucilla ‘Tiny Treasures’ ornaments and have finished the tree…..

This is my second Bucilla felt finish – yes, it is a set of 12 but each ornament counts! So far, I have found the instructions to be quite good. I did manage to skip an item and had to remove a bit of the last part….. stitching the tree to the background was after adding the hanger. One additional step I added was to use a small amount of glue at the raw edges of the rick-rack to prevent fraying.

I really didn’t ‘get’ the placement lines while I worked on the snowman. After finishing the tree I understood the placement lines cause you to ease in and adjust the applique so there is room for the stuffing.

This is the current progress on the Santa,

He needs a hanger and then stitched to the background felt. I’m not sure what I think about the stitching lines being visible after the embroidery. I used two strands as instructed, Maybe an additional strand would help, or it could look too heavy. But still… he is so cute!

After Santa is done it will be back my Raindrop cross stitch.

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