Stitch, Stitch and Stitch….

Things are improving with my shoulder. Now to keep that going in the right direction.

It seems that my shoulder happy place is with cross stitch. Knitting is still a challenge, needlepoint is ok but cross stitch is good.

I have been working on this cute piece…

This is Christmas Cookies by Mary Garry’s Sewing Cabin. Stitching is on 40 count linen, one over two with dmc 221.

My stitching time is currently limited, I am stitching for about 10-15 minutes then I break for a minimum of one hour.

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1 Response to Stitch, Stitch and Stitch….

  1. breaking sounds super sensible. I break up my stitching with housework so it doesn’t aggravate my wrist. It might be a bit annoying when I’m on a roll but it does mean I can stitch more.

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