New Year, New Projects…

For the first time ever, a post that I made has gone missing. If it seems I am repeating myself then I probably am.

I hope this will be a year with some crafty time.  My right shoulder surgery is healing. The rotator cuff repair is great, the bicep repair not so much.  It was irritated by over use, pushing to hard at physical therapy both in the studio and at home.  I have been trying to hold back and every time I think I am doing well, I seem to do “something” that totally makes it mad.  The left shoulder repair will probably be in early February.  I will be a mess for a couple of weeks, but if the left rotator is ok (as it appears on the mri) I could be in fairly good shape by summer.

Since I am unable to craft, I keep watching all of the fun projects that others are working on and continue to be inspired.  That means a project list for 2019!!

The top 2019 projects are:

1. Make a child/baby quilt for our newest niece, Lulu.
2. Sew one set of Bucilla felt Christmas ornaments. (and maybe a stocking)
3. Finish the small knit throw started last year with Mandela yarn.
4. Make progress on my needlepoint elephant by TS.
5. Start the creation series of needlepoint projects by Ehrman.
6. Work on small cross stitch project finishing.
7. Kit and start either, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings  (or other HRH sampler that calls to me) OR And They Sinned by Examplar Dames

I have high hopes!!

I hope the new year is happy and healthy for all.  Thank you for looking at my blog!


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