Moisturizers for Stitching

Winter is coming and that always means much drier skin. For stitchers and knitters dry skin can cause threads to snag – especially silks and synthetics.  For quilters handling fabrics causes dry hands to be even drier.

For needleworkers it is always a good idea to pay attention to your choice of moisturizer.  I want a moisturizer to feel like I have nothing on my hands and I prefer it to be unscented.  As a needleworker it is important to know that my lotion is not going to damage my work.  Unless the lotion (or cream) has been tested there is absolutely no way to know if one (or more) of the ingredients will cause the dyes to release and bleed.  Also, it is important to know that the moisturizer will not stain fabric or thread.

My “favorite” stitching lotion is actually a rotation of a few products.

  • Stitchers Lotion has been available for several years and is carried in most needlework shops and online.  I keep the small one in my stitching bag and the bigger one in my stitching room.  The unscented is really unscented!!

    stitchers lotion                  Stitchers Lotion from Yarn Tree – photo from Yarn Tree website

  • LaviShea Lotion Bar has also been around for a while, I have bought these at my needlework store and amazon. I like this since I can’t spill.  I tend to use this when I am quilting.

    lavishea bar                        LaviShea Unscented Lotion Bar – photo from LaviShea website

  • Au ver a soie hand cream is from the maker of the lovely silks from France.  I have not been able to find this recently and am not sure it is still available.  If you are lucky enough to find some, buy it.
    au ver a soie                             Au Ver A Soie hand cream – photo from this website
  • Acid Mantle hand cream from Doak Pharmaceuticals – this product has evolved over the years (aka A-Mantle).  I do not know if this amazing cream is still available because the current price of this jar is ridiculous ($599.95 with free shipping as of 11/18/18). My last purchase was about $30 for a 4 oz jar.

    acid mantel                                      Acid Mantle Cream – photo from amazon


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