Lotion For The Softest Hands Ever

It is safe to say that I have tried dozens of lotions over the years. I am very particular about what I use, my sensitivity to scents means finding a lotion I like is a tough task.

My latest find is fabulous!! I was at Natural Grocers and they have a display for Nova Scotia Fishermen, I bought a small bag called the Stem to Stern Pack, it has travel size products that include: lotion, rescue balm, soap and lip balm.

novia scotia fisherman packThe photo is from Nova Scotia Fisherman.  I don’t know if you can pick and choose the products on the website but at my local store the packs had variety – all had the same lotion and rescue balm but the soap and lip balm varied. My pack had the Sea Kelp lotion, Rescue Balm, Fishermint lip balm, and Seabuckthorn and Shea soap.

I started using the lotion at night and noticed a difference right away.  It is truly remarkable how much I like this and even though it has a scent it is pleasant and not strong… not floral, not fruity.  The rescue balm smells a little medicinal but the scent does not hang on and it has be come my “secret sauce” at work.  I work in the medical field and use biometric finger prints to track activities and secure access in our system.  It was a daily struggle to get the system to recognize my fingerprint until now.

The lotion is on my nightstand, the rescue balm is in my lab coat, the soap is by my sink and the lip balm in in my pack that goes everywhere with me.  I am thrilled with these products!

Next time… lotions to use when you are stitching or crafting.

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