Just Cross Stitch 2018 Ornament Issue

The Just Cross Stitch 2018 Special Holiday Issue – Christmas Ornaments is out and available where you like to shop. I picked up my copy last week and, as always, I’m inspired.

I need more stitch time – at least I have some. But I really want unlimited time – totally unrealistic!!

So… as I browse the ornament issue, in addition to being inspired I am also surprised. Maybe I just never noticed before (I will be looking at older issues) but … I am surprised and frankly stunned at the quality of the finishing of the ornaments that are included.

I am constantly talking about spending time to learn how to do ornament finishing. My finishing is acceptable but it could definitely look more professional if I spent some time with practice, YouTube and some finishing books in my library. The finishing on many of the photos in this issue look like my work – the amateur hour. What the heck? If the idea is to make me feel like I can achieve the look it was misguided. I find the sloppy presentation very distracting.

This is the latest issue.

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