Needlepoint & Knitting

Oh my! I have missed my needlearts so much and I am back to it … in a small way.

I have progressed with my physical therapy so that I am able to “craft” for 15 minutes, break for 60 minutes and repeat.  I should be able to get more time as my shoulder gets stronger.

This is what I am working on:

ts elephant 8sep2018
TS Elephant Needlepoint

I have had this great canvas for a long time but it was calling, and I answered.  I couldn’t find stretcher bars the length needed for the longest side (21 inches), I suspect that they are not made in that length.  I used 22 inch bars and laced the sides — it took forever but it will be easy to adjust the tension if i need to.  I am using the stitch guide that came with the canvas (of course, with modifications).  Threads so far are floss, perle cotton and metallic braid.

textured boxes afghan 8sep2018

Textured Boxes Blanket

This is the blanket I started last year, ripped out, started, ripped out, started ….. and finally I was happy and continued on.  The pattern is a freebie from Plymouth Yarn called Baby Angel Textured Boxes Baby Blanket, the yarn is Mandala by Lion Brand in color Chimera.  I have three balls and this is the second.  It should be a nice size for baby or lap, we will see.  I really the like color changes with this yarn, it is a lighter weight (rated as #3) and I think it it knitting up beautifully.



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