Making Blankets

This is my current knit blanket project–

bfbr blanket one

this is a restart of the project.  I am using two strands of worsted on size 10 needles.  I have no idea what the finished size will be … I intend for it to be baby elephant blanket but it seems much wider than I expected so it could be a baby rhino blanket.  I am stitching with Caron Jumbo and Red Heart super saver jumbo.

This one was started as a baby rhino blanket but with my shoulder injury I am finding that crochet is not my friend.
crochet bfbhIt will be put away for awhile as I continue to heal.  The final size will be about 48 in by 48 in. I am stitch with Caron Jumbo.

Not particularly thrilled with either yarn, I know they will soften up after use and washing but they are quite stiff to work with.  On the flip side, I love the fact that neither of them split as I am using them.

I am anxious to get back to my needlepoint.. soon!!


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