So Excited – Lady Maud Foxley

Screenshot-2018-1-22 Lady Maud Foxley Gault Designs Needlepoint Pattern Leaflet NEW RARE eBay

I have wanted this chart for quite some and had an active search on ebay for about two years.  It finally popped up last weekend and arrived a few days later.  I am excited to begin thinking about my “adaptation”.

This week was devoted to work related activities and not much crafting…

In my typical style, I have ripped and restarted my latest blanket and hope to get a least a few rows re-done this week.

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3 Responses to So Excited – Lady Maud Foxley

  1. Carol F. Baird says:


    I searched on line for this pattern (which I have had since it was published), and your website came up. The pattern calls for some things that I have no idea where to get, for example gold kid and embroidery stones. One can adapt, but I wonder if you happen to have a clue?

    I have the fabric, actually (Wilchelt, golden Flax). Out of pure curiosity, was your pattern used and what did you have to pay? I am amazed at how the price on some things (Susan Portra designs) have skyrocketed. The stash I need to dispose of is another story entirely!


    Carol Baird

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