quilting and cross stitch

Blocks one through six are complete for Mama’s Little Shortcuts and it is great how they are coming together so nicely. As I get the fabrics ready for each block, I usually poo-poo at least one but have used what was in the kit. I did have a miscut and had to substitute and had one fabric missing in another. All is going along well!

After my enthaustic reverse knitting (aka ripping out) my shoulder was super sore and I decided to go to a cross stitch project for a while as things calmed down….

This is from a Vervaco kit called Christmas elves. It is one of three bags in the kit that are stitched on pre-made sachet bags. I don’t really like the fabric – 18 count aida. In my opinion it is not good quality and having it prefinished is nice but it makes it a little harder to stitch with.

I also spent time with Haed’s SK Evil Queen. This is about one quarter complete.

My shoulder hurt enough that I went to see my doctor and learned that I have shoulder tendonitis… she gave me exercises and expects it to feel good quite soon. Use it or lose it!

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