Toothbrush Rug — 8 Day Project

douvet cover

Several years ago I bought a pattern and tool to make a toothbrush rug.  I tried to start one and failed and moved on to making a locker hook rug.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on a youtube with someone demonstrating how to make a toothbrush rug.  I found my pattern and tool and got started.

The fabric I used was a queen size duvet cover that was literally in the trash – my daughter really like the covered, but it was just too worn to be called anything but a rag and she decided to let it go.  I saw the rug demo and rescued the duvet cover.

rug at half

She was hoping for a large rug — about 32 by 54.  I knew that I would not have enough fabric so I was hoping for the best.  This shows the rug at half way and the size is about 15 in by 29 in.

finished rug

This is the completed rug – the finished size is 22 in by 38 in.  She is thrilled with the finished rug!!

rug close up

This is a close up of the working side of the rug.

I don’t expect to ever make another — unless I am really desperate for a specific color.  The dust and lit that covered my sewing room after making this was awful!  I spent most of day 8 of this project cleaning my sewing room.

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