NP, Mill Hill, Quilting ….

Once again, time flies… I need to give myself a specific day to post and perhaps I will get back to a weekly schedule.

Christmas in July was weak… I did make two Mill Hill beaded ornaments but I only completed the finishing on one.  mill hill snowman 28july2017mill hill santa 28july2017They look so cute when they are done!  But then I had to decide how to turn them into ornaments.

mill hill santa back 28july2017The Santa was my guinea pig for finishing.  I added a jewelry finding to the back with glue – thanks to Calico and her flosstube #17 for the idea.  When it was dry, I put a layer of white glue on the back – extending a couple of rows beyond the stitching and applied a square of felt.  After it was dry, I cut it out and ….


The trimming was not easy, I will try different scissors on the snowman… “discovery requires experimentation”.

I also spent a bit of time on the patchwork bear stocking I started for my son 25+ years ago.

bear stocking 8aug2017

Sorry, just realized that I didn’t take a picture of the entire piece – next time.  This is a handpainted canvas from TS. If it looks familiar, it could be because it was modified and available as kit (maybe from Bucilla).    Stitching for the head is finished and I am going to try work on it for least a couple of days every month.

Last for this post is a block of the month quilt that is another oldie but goodie.

indigo bom month 1 thru 5 9aug2017

This is the Indigo Stars BOM from Reproduction Fabrics that is from before 2000,  it might be the first bom that I ever signed up for.  With each pack you make four squares, unfinished size 14.5 inches, each month has six fabrics, each month the fabrics change.  I have completed the first five months and have and one duplicate fabric.  With 48 completed blocks this would make an enormous quilt or a couple (or more) throw size.  No idea what I will do with the blocks.


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2 Responses to NP, Mill Hill, Quilting ….

  1. kaghos says:

    Love the snowman

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