A Quilt for Cooper!

coopers quilt finished 18july2017

This is the finished quilt for Cooper!  My favorite way to baste is using 505 spray but it did not work on this.  The backing – Moda marble dots in black/grey – stuck nicely to the batting but the pieced quilt top did not.  My assumption is that the 505 is not compatible with nylon, I used Sulky Soft n’ Sheer as the base to create the string blocks.

The batting is Soft & Bright by Warm and I did minimal quilting — straight lines in one direction every 4 inches.  I am using my Elna to do the quilting and I am learning to use batting that can be quilted many inches apart.  Honestly, I think heirloom quilting is fabulous … but … my quilts are (hopefully) functional and I like finishing them myself in a reasonable amount of time.

Now it might really be time for Christmas in July …..

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2 Responses to A Quilt for Cooper!

  1. Toni says:

    Its beautiful xx

  2. janicelynn says:

    thank you. this was out of my comfort zone and i am super pleased with the results.

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