EEF Cross Stitch & Crochet Car Seat Blankies

Wow — and how time flies!

pumpkin bird 14april2017Pumpkin Bird from Ewe & Eye & Friends

The last few days I spent with a cross stitch kit from Ewe & Eye & Friends.  This is Pumpkin Bird, it was my Day 13 start from the Cross Stitch Crazy 2017 Challenge.  It is stitched two over two on 36 count dirty Edinborough linen.  The kit (as with all EEF kits) is kitted to stitch one over two. I decided to buy new overdye to get better coverage.  So cute!!


The Mary Maxim crochet car blankie kit is complete.  These are the last two blankies — this was like doing an oversized sample.  Each project was small enough to have a quick(ish) finish but big enough to know if I will ever want to do the pattern in a larger size.

aqua crochet car seat blankie finished april2017Aqua Crochet Car Seat Blankie

blue baby car seat blankie finished april 2017Blue Crochet Car Seat Blankie

and next up….

It is time to stitch the background on my Santa With Snowman from Pat Thode of Heartstings.  I was debating on making it into a square pillow, stand-up or having it framed.  The current plan is to go stand-up — I would like to finish it myself but I have never done that before and will need much practice.


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