Primitive Sheep and Maleficent

Finally … making some progress on my Day 4 start of the Cross Stitch Crazy challenge.  This is Primitive Sheep from ewe and eye and friends.  I bought this as a kit with 32 count natural linen — as with most (or all) eef projects, it is recommended to stitch with one strand of floss.


Primitive Sheep – Start #3

This is the third time starting this project…

After all this time you would think that I would know better and not use one strand over two on 32 count linen.  It was so light that it faded away from a short distance.  On try two I used floss that I inherited from my Mom — she had a really bad habit of winding floss bobbins with floss from multiple skeins.  After about half of the sheep was done — I stepped back and saw two different dye lots. This is try 3 and it appears to be a success!!


Primitive Sheep – fading away – Start #1

And this is my HAED challenge piece as well as  Cross Stitch Crazy challenge piece #1.


SK Maleficent (Evil Queen)

I will post a photo of the art work soon but for now, this is from Heaven and Earth Designs and you can see it here.

This is at 2250 stitches complete.  I am stitching on 22 count tan hardanger, one over one.  The HAED challenge is to complete one full page, a minimum of 7300 stitches by March 3.


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