More Stitching….

This morning I put away my Emma sampler.  It’s about one-third complete.  I have made numerous changes… some by accident some not.


This piece will be on my 2017 stitching list.

This is the second car seat blanket that I have knit.  (The first was sent off to my niece before I realized I never took a photo — it is likely that I will make another but a little larger. )   It is from a kit by Mary Maxim.



I felt like a needed a funky holiday scarf and started this today.  It will be knit in a K1, P1 rib.  I used the Alternate Cable Cast-On from – you can find it here.  I have used this in the past, it’s a little clumsy and slow to get in place but well worth the effort.


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2 Responses to More Stitching….

  1. The creative pixie says:

    The blanket pattern is beautiful.

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