Haunted House in Plastic Canvas

Fun with plastic canvas!   I must admit that I totally ignored plastic canvas when it comes to needlepoint.  I don’t know why since I never gave it a chance.  Well…. I have been having a great time with this project and here are my in progress pics.

Of course, there were a few cutting errors — but plastic canvas is inexpensive.  I decided that the roof was to be stitched on the black canvas provided in the kit… wrong… but it sure looks great.

The walls were stitched as I would stitch any needlepoint project but since I didn’t follow the instructions provided I ran out of yarn.  No worries, I just substituted out some persian I had in my resource center.  But for the remainder, I did all stitching as instructed using half-cross.  I don’t think the coverage is that great using half-cross so I might think twice before I buy another Mary Maxim kit — but I could just sub the yarn before I even start.







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One Response to Haunted House in Plastic Canvas

  1. Toni says:

    That is fabulous! Love the colours xxx

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