Santa and Doing Challenges

So …. I have continued on with my Santa and filled in the holes in the background.  What a great looking guy!  

I have learned that the ongoing haed challenges are not for me. Normally I like to participate in challenges but this new style where you have to stitch a particular way and by page is not helpful.  I might be the only one that can see them but there are definite lines between the 10 by 10 blocks and between the pages. I was afraid of that and it is why I selected a smaller format chart.

And now I am thinking about next year and my 2017 stitching … I have pulled out a Mirabella called Savannah’s Curtsy, and I really want to do a Halloween by Tilton. I will post picks when I decide! 

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1 Response to Santa and Doing Challenges

  1. Diya says:

    Now that you mention it I think I can see some vertical lines. But then again that might just be the gridding I am seeing 🙂 I’ve read that the lines disappear once it has been washed and ironed.

    I didn’t follow through with the last challenge because it simply wasn’t for me. But at least I got to try a new technique. I’m still working on my parking page for the challenge and like you I seem to see phantom lines sometimes. I hope I can make it before the deadline 🙂

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