Santa with Snowman NP — Oops!


Stitching was going along great on my Santa with Snowman project.  On Sunday I took a good look at what I had been doing and —

bad santa 17july16Bad Santa

I am not a fan of the bargello pattern, way too busy for the space it is in.  When I look at the photo and compare it to my stitching I realized that the chart in the stitch guide was not the same as the model photo.  The instructions used a step of two but the photo is smoother, less busy and used a step of one.  I removed all the stitching from the main body of Santa and started over.

good santa 19july2016Good Santa

As I stitched, I worried that I would run out of thread — I did start with a fresh card of Splendor. I had just enough Flair and plenty of Balger.  And it looks so much better….

good santa needs background 19july2016Very Good Santa

Now to decide how much background to stitch. I’m not sure that I will follow the curve that is drawn but …. ???

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