Heartstrings Santa with Snowman & HAED Challenge

Continuing on…

I have had a  lot of fun with my Santa with Snowman canvas.  I am following the stitch guide in order.. this shows the completed face and beard. I stitched as directed in the guide.

santa and snowman santa face beard 15jul2016

The hat with the star on top — the guide shows half the number of metallic dots in the dotted swiss chart.  It needed more so….
santa and snowman hat 15july2016

The snowman —  so cute!  Stitched as charted except for the nose, I padded that so it would sit as high as the framed stars for the snowman body/head.
santa and snowman complete snowman 15july2016

I put it away for a few days so that I would be able to get my 700+ stitches in on the HAED challenge piece, Mini Be Good For Goodness Sake…

mini be good blog 15july2016


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