Knitting A Bag to be Felted

Another partial project in the final stages…..

mcc berfore felting

My Constant Companion – knit and ready to be felted

This project is from a book called: knitter’s stash — Favorite Patterns from America’s Yarn Shops, it was published in 2001 by Interweave Press.  The design is called My Constant Companion by Janet Scanlon. The photo shows 4 parts, the main bag, two straps and one pocket.

The bag has been about 1/3 complete for over 10 years.  This morning I finished the last part and it is ready to be felted.  I have not decided if I will felt in the washer or in the laundry tub.

In an case,  I have made felted bags before using a different Janet Scanlon pattern.  One for myself and three as gifts.  As a general rule, felted items look sad and unattractive until the felting is complete and I am anxious to see how this one turns out.


My progress photos — there is a ruler under the almost complete main section in the right photo, it is about 24 inches but the bottom is included in that measurement.  The top icord bind off adds about another inch.

I did not have enough yarn to make the pocket as instructed so I added some extra rows of the contrast color and used one strand for the entire pocket.  The pattern called for using two strands for the main color.  I used wool from Brown Sheep Company, Think and Thin Special Heather American home-spun bulky.  The main color is Thunderstorm Blue, the contrast is Winter Sky.




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