Crochet Amigurumi – Disney’s Pluto

I have never tried making an amigurumi project until now.  There are so many great patterns that I have seen completed but it wasn’t until I was shopping at Costco and found a kit that I decided to give it a try.

Classic-Disney-Character-Amigurumi-PatternsDisney crochet kit available at Costco

This is my practice pluto…. I used the leftover yarn from my afghan — until I ran out and switched to some wool scraps from old projects.

pluto 19jun2016

The wool was much easier to work with — less splitting and not slick like the acrylic. There are 14 pieces that are made and then assembled to create Pluto. I was quite discouraged when I started assembly but it was user error and once I got things straightened out it came together nicely. It did take longer that I expected but I do plan to make another with Pluto colored wool.

It finished larger than I expected, as he is sitting – about 7″ high.  I think that is a good thing since it would be harder to make it in miniature.  But — imagine how cute it would be in mini!!

Just to give and idea, these are the first few pieces that make up the project.

pluto in progress




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One Response to Crochet Amigurumi – Disney’s Pluto

  1. Alice C. says:

    Pluto turned out great! So cute!

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