A Lovely Afghan!!

finished afghan 12jun2016

As I get close to a project finish, I tend to get a little obsessed.  In the past two weeks, all of my crafty time has been spent with finishing my knit afghan.  The pattern is vintage/antique… one that I bought about 40 years ago. I love that the afghan is worked in one piece so when you are done, you really are done!  As I have mentioned earlier, I have made several afghans of this pattern.

I spent Saturday  — all day — doing the bind off.  The bind off that I used is not the standard — knit in pattern and when you have two stitches lift the far stitch over and continue.  I actually did bind off in that manner and it was just too tight.  I took that out and had a redo using the purl two method.  And then I took that out, sized the needle up two sizes and did another redo of the purl two method and am quite happy with the result. It gives the edge one of the nicest looks with a bit of stretch. You can find the bind off technique on YouTube it is called grandma’s favorite bind off

My picture shows the afghan as it is being blocked.  Blocking can be a very humbling experience since it shows every single error. This project is no exception.

It has been months since I spent time working on my HAED cross stitch project called Catching the Breeze.  Hope to get at least 500 stitches in this week!


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2 Responses to A Lovely Afghan!!

  1. Becca says:

    Wow this is stunning! Definitely worth all the work you put in and tearing out you had to do for the binding.

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