Another HAED Challenge Project

This is the latest HAED Challenge Project that is my current wip.

mini be good 12may2016

Mini Be Good for Goodness Sake as of 12 May 2016

Ok, it is really the same project but a different challenge….  this time the challenge is to complete a full page from a chart stitching one color at a time.  I am still using Mini Be Good for Goodness Sake and will try to use it for all of the challenge series.  The reason I am using the same piece is so that if the page lines or box lines show up I will be limiting the damage to one piece.

As a stitcher for many years (I started cross stitching in 1981) I like to cross country stitch.  But, when working on a large piece with confetti, I find stitching in rows and parking easier.  Who knows maybe I will find a new style or come up with a hybrid.

I didn’t want to start this until Mr. Sam was stitched so am a little late getting going.  I started stitching this challenge on May 4.  The completed page will have 7800 stitches and I have no idea how to estimate the count — my rough estimate/count is at about 1600.  If I can keep up the pace I should meet the deadline of June 15. Since there is a lot of back ground – probably about 4500 to 5000 stitches – with minimal color changes I am hopeful.



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