Don’t Want To Be Left Out… so ….

The latest HAED challenge on the official facebook page is, in my opinon, a bit odd.  That being said … I absolutely joined in since the prize will be an exclusive chart – actually one in a set of six.

There will be a series of six different challenges and a different chart will be rewarded for each.  The charts are said to be set in a theme.  There are no clues about the type or designer of the charts so if the first chart is fabulous, hopefully, the set will be, too.

The first challenge is to complete 1000 stitches in connected blocks of 10 by 10.  Since this is way out of my comfort zone — and likely out of the comfort zone of every stitcher on the plant — I chose a chart with minimal colors in a section that would be easy to toss if it makes me nuts.

This is the mock up from the HAED site of the project I selected, Mini Be Good For Goodness Sake by Dona Gelsinger.

I finished the first challenge by starting in the upper right and doing a checkerboard, it has not yet been accepted as complete and the the next update to the challenge spreadsheet is 19Feb2016.  You can join the challenge up until 14March2016 with finishes posted by 15March2016. Hope my parking style doesn’t keep it from being accepted.  Of course, I would just take out the half stitches and park the way most do.

haed challenge one


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