New Year – New Projects and Goals

Year 2016 goals rough draft —

-Make at least one quilt — start to finish.
-Quilt at least one completed top large and one small.

-One L. Spears project – probably mystery 1
-Complete 1/3 of St. Basil’s
-One Pat Thode project – probably halloween house
-Get to 1/2 point of Ehrman cupcake
-Get something (anything!!) done on my Sundance rug

Cross Stitch
-Waterfall by Escher chart by HAED – restart and complete top 50 rows (20,000 stitches)
-Catching the Breeze by Wooster Scott chart by HAED – continue & complete top 50 rows (19,200 stitches)
-Join the Crossstitch Crazy 2016 challenge – 15 new starts the 1st 15 days of January — they will all be small and will list later.
-SS World Travel Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart chart by HAED – 20 top rows would be nice
-A new(ish) reproduction sampler start

-complete 4-5 bandages
-start and hopefully see some progress on a 10 stitch afghan
-complete the afghan currently in progress

-start the House Stark afghan from ravelry using Tunisian Crochet
-start a wrap/shawl

-ok — i can’t help myself and I have been buying the Bucilla felt kits – I guess I just like sparkly things.  make a halloween banner and some ornaments

I’m not sure if this is a draft or final but I really need to go get organized!

May the New Year bring you health and wealth!


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