Merry Christmas!

Wow! Less than 4 days until Christmas….

xmas cookies 2015

There are plenty of cookies for Santa this year.  Over the weekend I made a double batch of cookie press cookies, double oatmeal scotchies, double peanut butter and one batch of milk chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies.

The chip cookies were an accident … I wasn’t paying attention when I was shopping and meant to buy butterscotch chips and the milk chocolate/peanut butter jumped into my cart instead.  I had never tried the milk chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies and it turns out that the recipe is the same as toll house cookies with different chips.  I don’t put in the nuts since I’m the only one who likes them.   This was a happy accident!

Today I plan to make 7-layer bars and that will be the last of the baking until after Christmas.  Still on deck:  pizzelles, lemon bars and lemon cake. And I will be looking through my recipes for more goodies that use lemons since my tree produced more fruit this year than the last 7 combined!!  Yep… I made fresh lemonade this weekend, too.

Oh yes!  Not forgotten but almost gone…. Holiday R2 D2 cookies.

r2d2 cookies

Now I just need to carve out a bit of freezer space for storage.

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