Catching the Breeze Update

catching the breeze 21nov15

Catching the Breeze Update 21 November 2015

About 1000 stitches into this project I decided that I needed to adjust the fabric on the scroll rods.  I added a strip of unbleached denim to the top bar and stitched the hardanger to that.  It took most of my stitching time yesterday but it will make it so much easier to stitch the top row of pages.  If it had been a smaller project I would not have bothered but I expect this to be an ongoing project for a really, really long time — as in years.

The photo shows the extra strip of fabric at the top that allows me to drop the stitching area down to a more comfortable location.  The fabric on the bottom helps to keep the parked threads out of the way but the other important function is to keep the xs fabric clean.

Later on today I will be swapping out for the World Travel Book Shelf — must keep up with the challenge!!

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