I just put the final stitch in Christmas Presence — the Santa obsession is almost over!!

christmas presence 16oct15The piece is still on the stretcher bars — there are several (maybe 50+) threads that need to be finished and all of the grid needs to be removed.  I hope to have it ready to display before the weekend is over.  I will post it on my wall while I try to decide how to finish.

This next photo is in response to a question of how I keep the threads from tangling.  As I complete a 10 stitch area I wind the thread from that area into a figure eight (a knitting trick) and tuck it into the fabric I keep across the bottom of the piece.

christmas presence 5oct15

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4 Responses to Santa!!

  1. eadouglas says:

    Great work! What kind of frame is that?

  2. Wow, that was quick! Looks stunning Janice, you must be very happy with him

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