Christmas Presence Stitching


christmas presence for wpChristmas Presence

Once again, all of my stitching time has been spent with Christmas Presence.  For much of it, the confetti is intense — as many as 35 different colors in a square that is 10 by 10.  But then there will be a square where there are only a dozen colors.

You can see that for a project like this I like to park my threads.  Another thing I have found is that it is easier to work the project all the way across the top for a specific number of rows, then drop down and repeat.  Even though this is a relatively small project  (by HAED standards) and even though I grid,  I was spending way too much time finding my spot.

I keep thinking I am ready to move on to another project but then step back and admire my piece — I just love the way that it is stitching up!!


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2 Responses to Christmas Presence Stitching

  1. Gorgeous! Such rich Christmassy colours! I’m very impressed by your technique of parking the threads, I’ve never done this before, I tend to thread up one colour and try to stitch as much as I can find in that colour but you’re right – sometimes finding where I am in a project can take time with this method.

    My current WIP uses 96 colours and there’s a fair bit of confetti – how many colours does this project use?

    • janicelynn says:

      there are 88 colors in this project. i find myself using the parking method more and more maybe because i use a frame for almost everything.
      i would love to see what you are working on!

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