Art to Heart Pin Ups — aka Christmas Ornaments

Most of my crafty time this past week has been spent working on a cute set of Christmas ornaments using a pattern from Art to Heart.

pin up 25may2015

This is what I have done so far….  there are a few details that still need to be added and I plan to use twine to make the hangars.  The fabric is a combination of a Moda charm pack called Tamarack Grove and my scrap boxes.  The buttons are from Just Another Button Company and come as a set specific to this project.  The additional detail items are floss, beads, button, bell and curly wool.

This is the pattern showing the whole set of 12.

Christmas Pin Ups 140P by Nancy Halvorsen for Art to Heart

Before this, I have done only one project (still not complete) using fusible applique.  Fortunately, my unfinished project was a class so I learned a couple of nice tricks.  The trick I like best is using an applique pressing sheet.  This is a great tool … you can learn more about here.  (No affiliation, just learned many years ago how much easier this can make working with fusibles.)

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