Heart Shaped Potholders

chicken potholders

In with my sewing goodies, I have a tote that has kits for small sewing/quilting projects.  At the very bottom I found a set of kits that I bought (yes, I am saying it again) several years ago.  Each of the kits was designed to make two heart shaped potholders.

I made a couple of changes to the supplies and the next photo shows all of the cut pieces ready to be stitched.

chicken potholder suppliesAnd ready for the binding…

front and back potholder

These are a quick project — and would be even quicker if I could convince myself to let my machine do the work to finish off the binding.  Even with a potholder, I find myself unable to change my habit of hand finishing the binding.

The most challenging part of this project was attaching the binding.  I had expected to do the join as I would with a larger project and after a couple of tries I realized there is just not enough room to do that.  With the first potholder (on top), I just did a straight fold and tucked the end in — a little bulky.  For the next one I used a diagonal fold and tuck — still bulky but a bit more pleasing to the eye.

Does anyone else call these hotpads?  That was the term we used where I grew up in northwestern Pennsylvania, maybe it is regional.

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